Monday 14 September 2015

Fell To Low - Low In The Dust


1. Galore
2. Urizen
3. Mapmaker
4. Boundary
5. Truman
6. Saturn

It's only 11am on Saturday morning but already this weekend seems strangely satisfying. It's been a hell of a week, but with the rain falling outside it gives me the perfect opportunity to jam some new music. California is a world away from the grey that surrounds me, but it's home to post-hardcore band Fell To Low and their label, the legendary Revelation Records. Fell To Low only recently came to my attention but they've been a band since 2009 and Low In The Dust is their first full-length. 

The first word that came into my head when I pressed play on Galore was…visceral. The screams in the opening verse are full of rage, but then they only form part of a song that twists and turns with chaotic hardcore noise and calming melody. It’s clear that Fell To Low are thoughtful musically. Urizen harks back to the more immediate hardcore of Revelation’s rosters of old, with urgency and a great experimental vibe. The guitars during Mapmaker seem to be pretty laid back but Fell To Low don’t lift their foot of the gas. The chorus of screams, both up top and in the mix are great. There’s no singing as such on here, but the vocals fit the atmosphere all the same. After the initial trio of shorter tracks, Fell To Low hits onto a more expansive sound. Angular and off-kilter, Boundary is an interesting song-title when the band themselves can’t be confined. I guess that’s the point here. In music there are no boundaries apart from those that musicians create for themselves. Fell To Low proves that despite all of the rehashes and blatant rip-offs that are around nowadays, interesting heavy music can still be created and enjoyed. There’s a subtle sparseness to Truman. It’s mainly instrumental save for a few spoken-word lines and occasional bursts of aggression. I feel oddly nostalgic listening to Saturn. The melancholy that pours out of the song during that guitar intro is palpable to say the least. Fell To Low really do stand out and I know I’m repeating myself here, but I like them a lot. Justifying why anymore than I have done already would be pointless, as you should hear this record for yourselves. 

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