Tuesday 23 December 2014

Primitive Man/Hexis - Split 10"

Primitive Man have been busy releasing splits this year. After the release of full-length Scorn last year and the demo, they've pressed ahead and released splits with Hessian, Xaphan, Hexis and Fister. There's no sign of them stopping next year either, with more release planned. Hexis have also released their long awaited full-length within the last twelve months and both bands have toured in the US together. Both PM and Hexis are bands that I really respect for their work ethic and musical quality. This 10" (released via Halo Of Flies) brings them together with a track each. I've been a little late in checking this out, but I'm hoping that PM's sludge/doom holds court well alongside the blackened hardcore noise of Hexis.


1. Primitive Man - When Getting High Is Not Enough
2. Hexis - Excrucio

Scorn left a massive impression on me last year, but I’ve heard that Primitive Man stepped it up this year in terms of the heaviness. Their addition to this split isn’t so much heavy as it is atmospheric. When Getting High Is Not Enough feels more otherworldly, with it’s high-pitched ambience and low-growls. The sludge here is off-kilter to start with and then PM slow things down to a stand-still. The thing I find with PM is that the slower they play, the heavier they sound. It’s certainly the case here.

Hexis provide the longer of the two tracks here with Excrucio and it’s a cacophony of blackened noise, as you’d expect. There’s is a barrage of louder proportions, with a continuous wall of guitars, feedback and percussive battery. The screams sit within the mix allowing the instrumentation to hit you from both sides. It’s a hellishly intense experience. The feedback mid-way through is disorientating as hell and the second half of Excrucio shows just how scary Hexis can be.

From start to finish, this split is terrifying. Both Primitive Man and Hexis punch a hole in your psyche with feedback-drenched noise. If the end of the world was to sound like anything, it would probably be this. 

Stream the whole harrowing split here:-

Buy it digitally or on stunning clear vinyl from Halo Of Flies above.

Primitive Man Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/primitivemandoom
Hexis Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Hexisband
Halo Of Flies Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HALOOFFLIESRECORDS

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