Thursday 11 December 2014

Masochist - Condemned To Grovel EP

I've been knocked out with the flu for the past week, so sorry for the silence. Only now am I feeling well enough to sit in front of my laptop screen for a prolonged period of time. Anyway, enough self pit because it's time for Masochist. A death metal band from Leeds that doesn't do self-pity and one I've had the pleasure of seeing a fair few times over the last couple of years. Masochist released their second EP, Condemned To Grovel via UKEM Records earlier this year and it's the first release to feature current vocalist Danny Heaton.


1. Prologue To Prolapse
2. Forced Fornication
3. Vomit Every Dreg
4. A Peeling Flesh
5. Foetid Existence

Masochist open with a surprisingly heavy, sludgy guitar led intro on Prologues To Prolapse. I suppose that when you come from such a diverse scene as the one in Leeds, different textures and influences will find their way into your music. Forced Fornication is the opportunity on the EP to hear their deathly racket. It’s technical and is filled with deep vocal bellows. The instrumentation is thick, especially the drumming and the guitars hammer the point home during slam-laden mid section.

The sample that starts off Vomit Every Dreg shows that Masochist have good humour and don’t take things too seriously. Things seem altogether more urgent here too. The overall tempo is moved up a notch and Masochist turn to a more straight-forward structure, with hints of grind and USDM. They bring back the thick guitar sound on A Peeling Flesh. The blasts are intense and set the tone for the song. Masochist never beat around the bush and here they go straight for the jugular. The mix of death and thrash is amongst the best you’ll hear all year.

They close out with the uber fast Foetid Existence, which feels completely different with the high-pitched rasps that make up the opening verses. It’s brief playing time finishes Condemned To Grovel with a flurry of aggression and hate. This EP may be short overall. but it’s quality makes up for that. Masochist have honed their sound in a live setting, which has meant that on record they sound better than most of their contemporaries. It’s time they spewed up a full-length.

Check out Forced Fornication via Youtube below:-

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