Wednesday 3 December 2014

Alone With Wolves - The End Of Nothing EP

Another day, another review! I make it sound like such a chore, but I can guarantee you it's anything but. This time, I'm checking out the 2014 EP from Hertfordshire five-piece Alone With Wolves. They've been a band since 2011 and have already released one prior self-titled EP, in late 2012. Music-wise, they sight post-hardcore as an influence, they've played alongside blog fave's Mallory Knox and even appeared at Bloodstock Open Air this year! They're definitely on the up then.


1. Cutting Ties
2. The End Of Nothing
3. My Life In Your Hands
4. The Change
5. With You In Mind

Alone With Wolves have the dual-screamed/clean vocals down perfectly on The End Of Nothing. They’re immediate during EP opener Cutting Ties. Add to that upbeat rhythms and melodic guitar and you’re greeted with post-hardcore that would make Funeral For A Friend blush. Both Danilo Fiocco (clean-vox) and Lewis Watson (harsh-vox) have great sets of lungs on them and put forward an assured performance right from the off.

The EP title-track has added twin-guitar harmonies and a distinctive UK feel. Alone With Wolves may be playing a modern take on post-hardcore but they don’t try and sound American, instead plumping for a clean style that befits their song-writing and musicianship. heaviness is on their side too though, with some thick riffs and the occasional breakdown to beef things up.

My Life In Your Hands features more heavy guitar throughout the song. Alone With Wolves manage to keep things catchy though and again their upbeat style keeps the momentum of the EP high. They take a slightly different path on The Change, taking things in a grander direction. They remind me a bit of short lived US post-hardcore band Spoken, which is no bad thing. This song is my standout track on The End Of Nothing. It’s with this song that their quality really becomes clear. 

They close on With You In Mind, which takes you into metal territory slightly, at least in the instrumentation. It’s a focused ending and there’s no room for shakiness from anyone. Alone With Wolves are another UK band that are plying a modern sound and should appeal to larger audiences because of it. it’ll be interesting to see how they progress next year. The End Of Nothing is a really solid EP, with excellent production. 

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