Sunday 14 December 2014

Blind To Faith - Under The Heptagram 12" EP

Dom himself called Blind To Faith underrated. I've been jamming this a lot recently, so though it was about time I wrote about them. Under The Heptagram was released in October 2013 via A389 and is only their third release, after an LP in 2009 and a split 7" with The Infamous...Gehenna the following year.

These dudes are a pretty elusive bunch and played their sole 2014 show at Ieperfest. I'll apologise for being to late to the party too. This 12" EP was limited to 666 copies with an etched b-side. I needed another H8000-style hit after wearing out my copy of the recent Seventh Circle 7"!


1. The Gateway
2. Under The Heptagram
3. Burial Of Mankind

Everytime I hear hardcore like this, it reminds me of why the hell I got into heavy music. The energy, the emotion, that feeling that screams out “I can be who I want to be”. Blind To Faith embody those feelings perfectly on Under The Heptagram. EP opener The Gateway is a brooding, dark guitar led instrumental that hurls itself into a bass-heavy rockin’ mass of metallic hardcore.

The title-track is nasty, in the best possible way. It’s brief yet it’s filled with pure rage. There’s some sludge in there and even some subtle powerviolence, but it’s still unmistakably heavy. Burial Of Mankind opens with a great screaming-lead and then spends the rest of the time thrashing out. There’s a characteristic thickness to BTF’s sound, both in percussion and the guitars, while the vocals are laced with vicious blackened screams. 

This record my be a brief glimpse into Blind To Faith’s world, but for anyone unfamiliar or just sleeping, this is definitely worth your time. Though you didn’t need to hear that from me!

Stream it here - 

You can download it from A389's bandcamp page above and you can purchase both standard and die hard vinyl copies from the webstore here -

Blind To Faith Facebook -
A389 Recordings Facebook -

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