Saturday 13 December 2014

Mausoleion - i

I'm not one for overblown hype but this debut release by Leeds based post-metal band Mausoleion has been one of my most eagerly anticipated this year. That's because Mausoleion were one of the few bands I'd seen live before hearing on record. Forming out of the ashes of fellow local band DSDNT last year, they've been a staple of the Leeds heavy scene since.

They've kept things local by recording their debut demo at Eiger Music Studios and have been organising some great gigs, featuring like-minded UK and Euro bands when time has allowed. You can't beat seeing them in the tiny upstairs of Santiago's, where their thoughtful melody and foundation shaking feedback fills the room. Their demo was released last month both digitally and on CD.


1. Pariah
2. Scourge

Hearing Pariah coming out of the speakers provides one of those goose bump inducing moments. All the elements from the feedback at the start, to the percussion doom-like guitar and low growls envelope around you like you’re watching Mausoleion live. The smattering of rhythmic shifts and up-tempo fastness belays their slower characteristics, highlighting the variety in their song-writing.

They become next-level claustrophobic on Scourge, in a song that seems to get heavier and heavier as each element meshes into one. The subtle melody on the lead guitar provides a short glimpse though the mirk, but doesn’t dominate proceedings. For everyone who’s been looking for a UK response to Rosetta or Year of No Light, Mausoleion may well quench your thirst. Exciting times ahead!

Give i a listen below:-

As I said, it's available as a name-your-price download and as a special limited CD, directly from the band via the above bandcamp page. CD's will ship in mid-December, in a special sealed envelope with accompanying art-cards.

Mausoleion Facebook -

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