Saturday 28 June 2014

Atlas/In Arms - Split 7"

I think that melodic hardcore gets an unfair rap. I think it's due to the the bands closer to the mainstream that just get called "melodic hardcore" by lazy magazine writers. If you scratch the surface, especially in the UK and Europe you'll find loads of really good bands like Light Your Anchor from Germany and the UK's own Departures. That's just the start of it too!

This split 7" from new UK label Footloose Records and Germany's Beyond Hope Records, brings two local Yorkshire bands in to the fray. Atlas and In Arms. As far as I can tell, this is the first appearance on vinyl for either band (though feel free to correct me).


1. Atlas - Know Hope
2. Atlas - The Strength In Us
3. In Arms - Asphyxia
4. In Arms - Bleed Me Out

I’ve always found positivity in melodic hardcore. It’s down to the way the music makes me feel, with it’s clean guitar and upbeat energy and Atlas are no different as they open this split with Know Hope. It’s got the melodic riffs I was talking about, coupled with the usual hardcore vox and a strong rhythm section, yet it feels so much more. It feels heartfelt and mature. The power in the screams from Jordan Widdowson increase in ferocity at the start of The Strength In Us and match the more intense instrumentation. Atlas are really accomplished song writers and deliver their two tracks really well.  Top stuff.

In Arms contain obvious similarities to Atlas, yet have their own subtleties. Their opener Asphyxia is slightly more metallic and the drumming toward the ends something else! Bleed Me Out starts with some great punk-led guitar and overall it possesses instrumentation that’s more akin to indie/emo at times. Don’t see that as a bad thing though, as when it sits alongside their hardcore it works really well.  Like Atlas, they know how to write a song and the lead performance during Bleed Me Out is great. Their mix of loud/quiet dynamics shows more variation and adds something different to the split. I’d really like to hear more from both bands.

You can stream the split via Footloose's bandcamp page here:-

If you're in the UK you can order a copy of the split from Footloose Records here - Europeans should head over to Beyond Hope Records here -

Atlas Facebook -
In Arms Facebook -
Footloose Records Facebook -
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