Wednesday 11 June 2014

Amber/Locktender - Split 7"

The new split 7" from German post-hardcore band Amber and Cleveland and Ohio's Locktender has only recently been released. It was a collaborative effort by Zegema Beach Records, Halo of Flies and German duo Narshardaa and I Corrupt Records. Locktender have recently been on tour in Europe with The Reptilian, while Amber have played the first edition of Miss The Stars Fest in Germany alongside Hexis and Totem Skin, amongst others. With my current love for post-hardcore/metal and screamo reaching a new level, I was always going to be excited about this split.


1. Amber - Heritage
2. Lovesaken - The Piazza

This is similar to the Ruins/Usnea split I reviewed last week, one track per band. Amber start off with Heritage, which is angular and off-beat in places, featuring dual-guitar riffs and emotive vox. Amber’s signature post-hardcore instrumental passages are retained from "Lovesaken" and the song acts as a clencher for a new release, hopefully.

Locktender’s contribution, The Piazza, compliments the A-side well. There’s the same angular instrumentation with plenty of melody, while the noisy undercurrent and roared screams are at odds with it. Locktender do introspective, contemplation filled atmosphere well and it adds a lot to their side of the split. The extended length of their song also give first-time listeners a fuller glimpse into their sound. 

Amber are the more urgent band here while Locktender provide thinking time and moments of subtle clarity. Both songs act as insights into each band’s sound for new fans and for those already familiar, there’s repeat spins aplenty inside. Both bands are dramatic in equal measure and fully deserve the praise they receive. Ace!

You can stream the split here alongside a bonus track called The Ashes, which is by Amber (that does not appear on the vinyl version of the split):-

As well as being able to purchase it digitally from the labels, you can pick up physical copies of the split from their webstores here:-

Zegema Beach Records Facebook -
I Corrupt Records Facebook -


  1. non attributed track at said bandcamp above is from AMBER..

  2. Corrected! Thanks for putting me right.