Monday 19 May 2014

Weight of The World - No Promised Land 7"

Sorry for the lack of anything over the few days. I seem to be the only person who gets a head cold in a heatwave!. I'm hoping that hardcore will cheer me up though. No Promised Land was released as a 7" by UK label Speedowax in late 2012, having originally been released by the band on tape. Weight of The World are a five-piece from Florida, in case people didn't know. All of their releases so far are available for download via their Facebook page.


1. Rational Man
2. Park Place
3. Sunrise
4. Boardwalk
5. No Promised Land

Having reviewed a few of Speedowax’s records before, I can confidently tell you that US hardcore is in an awesome vein of form. That’s evidenced by Weight of The World and their 7” No Promised Land. Opener, Rational Man starts off like it’s a tough guy song, but settles into a more melodic swing towards the end with some great guitar work. The vocals are strong yet audible and the rhythm section keeps it bouncing. As you’d expect, these aren’t long-players. The songs are too the point and Weight of The World don’t mess about. Park Place features an extended guitar intro before the song itself, which is headed up by the vox and drums. The mid-section features an obligatory sample which highlights the band’s political edge, before another melodic passage closes things. The drumming toward the end is definitely more than mosh worthy too.

Sunrise hints at something slightly more thoughtful and sedate, with some dramatic instrumentation. It remains that way as Dillon’s screams kick in and then transitions into a pacier section. Boardwalk is a punch in the face to follow. Weight of The World manage to keep things simple and because of that their hardcore is great and it sticks in your head for so long afterwards.  It all ends with title track No Promised Land, which is another huge hardcore anthem. I’ve said it before, but this kind of song makes you feel like you’re stood on the top of a building, with arms outstretched, letting it all out in a positive way. It just feel euphoric to me. 

It’s five songs of short, skilled hardcore. It’s not your cookie cutter tough guy shit and it’s definitely not boring. Hats off to Rich for putting these guys out and to Weight of The World themselves for just being awesome. You can have your Emmures and your Hatebreeds, I’ll take my heartfelt, DIY hardcore instead.

You can stream and download No Promised Land (free) here:-

Of course, once you've heard it you're gonna want to pick up a vinyl. You can get them from Speedowax Records here - on Translucent Violet vinyl.

Weight of The World -
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