Monday 12 May 2014

Art of Burning Water - The Humiliation Process 7"

Following on from my Esoteric Youth/Caina tape review yesterday, I've stumbled upon a theme. That theme is French label Swarm of Nails. That's because they helped to release this 7" alongside UK label Dead Chemists Records. Art of Burning Water are super busy this year, so before they release their slew of splits, I thought I'd set about their last 7", which surfaced at the back end of last year. I feel that they are under appreciated, but are one of the UK's heaviest bands. Some may see them as veterans, but they're still more than relevant and this is a quick-fire mixture of sludge and noise.


1. Extreme Noise Terror (David Cameron Noise Intro)
2. Posh Cunt Takeover
3. Pedro More Or Less
4. We Have No Friends
5. In Our Hopeless

In true fashion, Art of Burning Water kick this of with a noisy intro that leads into Posh Cunt Takeover. No guessing what this song is about. The vocals sit deep in the mix, amongst the feedback drenched instrumentation and it sets out a stall for the rest of the EP. Pedro More Or Less is more punk than sludge, with a bass line that rumbles alongside the guitar. The drums are chaotic and it’s all over too fast. 

We Have No Friends could be describing the band, but either way it’s loud and slightly obnoxious, especially during the sludge-ridden second half. It’s off-kilter but still holds enough groove. I like it! In Our Hopeless rounds things out in style, with more punk and a mid-paced backdrop. The riffs are drenched in noise and add heaps of volume to the record. With the production favouring volume over vocals, The Humiliation Process harks back to the days of punk and grind when bands just turned of their amps and went for it. AOBW are touring at the end of the month in the UK and will be loud. Take earplugs or forever lose your hearing!

You can stream the EP here -

You can buy the 7" directly from Dead Chemists Records here and from Swarm of Nails here -

Keep an eye out for those live dates (which have already started to be announced) on AOBW's Facebook page here -

Dead Chemists Records -
Swarm of Nails Records -

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