Tuesday 6 May 2014

War Wolf/Sob Story - Split Tape

Last September, War Wolf and Sob Story put out a split tape that sold out pretty fast. It was a bit of a precursor to War Wolf's LP, Crushing The Ways of The Old. I'm not really sure what happened to Sob Story, but they seemed to dissappear as quickly as they appeared (I think they featured ex-members of or all used to be in Dashwood, though I'm sure someone can correct me on that). Each band performs two tracks on this split.


1. War Wolf - Land of Betrayal
2. War Wolf - Foxhole Nihilist
3. Sob Story - Not Like You
4. Sob Story - Get Out

The sample at the start of War Wolf’s opener Land of Betrayal is as harrowing as they come. The backdrop created by the nuns praying and their description of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ prepares you for the unholy sounds that lies ahead. War Wolf seem to take on a different persona here, with a menacing and more off-kilter sound. There’s still subtle elements of punk in the riffs, but the screams and stomp bring to mind the sludgy hardcore of Seven Sisters of Sleep. Tis good!

Obviously, War Wolf do not spare any sympathy for religion and Foxhole Nihilist follows in the same fashion as Land of Betrayal. They’ve just returned from a slot at Temples Festival in Bristol and it’s not hard to imagine why they were selected to play, especially when the line-up included the likes of Electric Wizard and Neurosis. These two tracks, while brief are thoroughly enjoyable.

Sob Story are more urgent and Not Like You is more of a straight-forward punk anthem. Their hardcore brings to mind Gallows during their Orchestra of Wolves era. Get Out possesses the same rock n role vibe as the aforementioned band and takes you an on old-school ride back to the 80s. Sob Story have that gritty edge that would appeal to more than just gutter-punks. 

The tape version of this split has long since sold out over at Headless Guru Records, but you can stream it via the below bandcamp page, where it's also available as a name-your-price download:-

War Wolf Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/War-Wolf
Headless Guru Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HeadlessGuruRecords

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