Saturday 31 May 2014

Teef - Demo

Here's a release from the turn of the year. Teef are from Brighton and play fast punk, share members with sludge band War Wolf (as well as Ed Wood) and released their demo via Headless Guru Records. Talk about keeping it in the family! As is customary with tapes from HGR, the demo came in a card sleeve with the band's log on the front, running order on the back and the tape itself is gold. OG Punks!

Unsurprisingly, the demo tape sold out via HGR and has since been pressed on CD by When Planets Collide. They played their first show in March with Eisberg, have played with The Body and will be on the Full Of Hell/Disciples Of Christ bill in Portsmouth in July. It's in a 100 cap venue so should be insane!


1. Intro/Hell
2. Pale
3. Acid Spit
4. Regret
5. Quiet Life
6. Anxiety
7. Violent War
8. Soul Sucker

Intro/Hell is a building wall of noise that sets the tone for the demo. Teef’s sound is instantly snotty and full of attitude. There’s plenty of 80s punk influence and they would sit pretty comfortably on the hallowed pages of Maximum Rock n Roll. There’s no time to ponder anything while the demo’s running, because as soon as Pale finishes, it’s straight into the sub 30-second Acid Spit, which speeds past in a flash. 

Following those quick bursts, Regret and Quiet Life last a bit longer and are peppered with fast, grinding drumming. Its a slight departure from their more urgent, intense songs, but they are no less heavy and provide the band with an opportunity to flex their sludgier, groovier muscles slightly. 
Anxiety is more thrash-orientated and shows more variation from Teef. 

They still break out the 80s punk with Violent War and Soul Sucker, but the demo as a whole shows that they won’t have themselves shoehorned into one sub-genre. It over quickly, but Teef inject it with plenty of musicality, which means that you’ll be spinning the tape all the time. UK punk needs bands like this, especially as the scene gets crushed under the ever growing weight of modern metal and hardcore. Great stuff!

You can stream Teef's demo and pick it up as a name-your-price download via their bandcamp page:-

You can also pick up the CD version from the bandcamp page, or directly from When Planets Collide here -

Teef Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -
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  1. Contort Schizm31 May 2014 at 13:56

    Saw these guys at the Body gig and they were fucking amazing.