Saturday 31 May 2014

Powerxchuck - S/T 7"

This Australian powerviolence band was a tip from Jan of Constant Vulse. Their self-titled 7" is due out shortly via Psychocontrol Records but they've posted the tracks online, so it would be rude of me not to check them out. They've been getting around a bit in the media, with a track featuring on a recent Terrorizer Mag CD. They've been damn busy since they formed at the end of 2013. They already released a demo, they've got this 7" due out soon as well as a split with Cancer Patient due in July! This is two tracks that barely last a minute.


1. Reef Rash
2. Balls Deep Creek

Yeah, Australians and powerviolence. It more than makes up for the terrible Foster’s adverts that we get in the UK. Powerxchuck are more like Victoria Bitter. Refined and full-bodied. Their self-titled 7” made of Reef Rash and the amusingly named Balls Deep Creek, last just sixty-eight seconds but damn they’re good.

The production here is great and their sound is really tight for such a new band. I know PV is meant to be sloppy and DIY, but Powerxchuck sound really well rehearsed. I also know that name dropping doesn’t mean much nowadays, but I’d put them up alongside Water Torture and the UK’s own Famine, due to the quality of these two tracks. Really good fast stuff!

You can stream the songs here, as well as the demo and two tracks from the upcoming Cancer Patient split here:-

The 7" will be available through Psychocontrol Records here -

Powerxchuck Facebook -
Psychocontrol Records Facebook -

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