Sunday 20 May 2012

Seas Will Rise - Disease Is Our Refrain

I was a little excited when this record dropped into my inbox a few weeks back, because I'd heard a lot about this band and couldn't wait to check them out properly. For those of you who don't know, Seas Will Rise are a crust influenced hardcore band from Arizona and this is their debut album. They have previously released an EP, that was splendidly called Cagematch. Disease Is Our Refrain has been co-released by Man In Decline Records and Anxiety Machine Records. Seas Will Rise also features one of the founding members of Landmine Marathon.


1. A Sleeper’s Cell
2. In Dust and Blood
3. Wash Out and Rust
4. This Teardown Town
5. To Scratch Out a Life
6. A Wish for the Earth
7. Waves and Waves
8. Eviction Notice
9. Disease Is Our Refrain
10. Razed
11. Population Zero
12. In Warmer Graves

The first thing that springs into my head as opener A Sleeper's Cell kicks in, is how
heavy those vocals are. The music too is a great mix of fast hardcore and sludge inspired riffage, which rears its head from time to time. There's a great punk vibe to the music too and the songs themselves are short and too the point, which is what you want from music like this. In Dust and Blood screams passed in the blink of an eye, while Wash Out The Rust features a great guitar and more of the sludgy, slower riff sections. Towards the end of the track, Seas Will Rise just rock out, plain and simple.

This Teardown Town brings their crust influence to bear, with some rapid fire drumming kicking things off, before the song changes to a chuggier pace altogether.
This is rip-roaring stuff as you'd expect and should give today's mainstream metal bands a run for their money. That's not to say its mainstream itself though, but that it is well produced and should gain the band loads of new fans as a result. The drumming is really good throughout the whole record, underpinning the record with a great efficiency, while the guitars and bass pound away creating a unique sound that adds character to the record. There are some great dissonant riffs at play and the fact that the lyrics are audible helps the songs leap out at the listener. A Wish For The Earth being a solid example of this.

There's more punk inspired guitar at play during Eviction Notice, which shows that SWR are not afraid to vary their sound or use melody. The title track is one of the heaviest songs on the record, thanks to everything working together in simple yet effective manner. The fact that SWR don't over-complicate their music makes it better.
Razed starts with some really unnerving, wailing feedback and simple drumming that heralds in the song, which is instrumental for over half of it's length, then with the help of some really clever guitar, rips your face off. Population Zero speeds passed with more blast beats and double bass and some nice progressive riffing.

In Warmer Graves is the last song on here and compared to the rest, could be considered long. It’s the only song that breaches the four-minute mark, so you know it's going to be heavy. Listening to it as it kicked in made me want to circle around instantly, thanks to the incredible musicianship. The songs fades away to the sound of one last guitar solo and ends with some calming piano.

On reflection, this album is quite frankly awesome. It's got everything you need, a great modern production which allows the music and instruments to breathe, it's got enough ideas not to make it mainstream and those vocals are savage. Get this record and bang your head till the damn thing falls off!

Disease Is Our Refrain is available for streaming via SWR's Bandcamp page, but I've posted it below so you can check it out here:-

You can pick up vinyl copies of this record from Man In Decline records at and Anxiety Machine Records at

You can pick the record up through Bandcamp and through SWR's own  website at and follow the link to their BigCartel page. You can also visit them of Facebook at

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