Saturday 5 May 2012

Dead And Divine - Antimacy

Dead And Divine are a five piece modern hardcore band from Ontario, Canada who are currently signed to UK label A Wolf At Your Door Records, the label that's brought bands like Mallory Knox and Hildamay to wider audiences in recent times.

Antimacy is their latest release, and has been getting them wide acclaim. This also marks the final record that Dead And Divine will be releasing, as they have recently announced they are splitting up after 10 years of tearing it up. This review then will hopefully be a fitting tribute to them.


1. Asphyxia Fiend
2. Grim Love
3. Slumlord
4. Antimacy
5. Midnight Society
6. Cult/Misleader
7. Carcinoma
8. It Sleeps In Bliss
9. Ditchpig
10. Nothing Is Alright
11. Teenage Rot

Asphyxia Fiend is a huge hardcore track, with off-kilter riffs and big hardcore screams from vocalist Matt Tobin. A short, slickly sung chorus adds a modern sheen to their sound and add layers to this modern slab of hardcore. Grim Love follows pretty much instantly. The drumming at the start is fast and punk-ridden. The aesthetic that Dead And Divine present, is one of anger and riff-tastic energy. There are hints OF Every Time I Die amongst Antimacy, which isn't a bad comparison. The songs are just right in length as well and along with the clean, modern production, certainly hit the spot.

There's a great southern rock vibe about Antimacy as well, especially in Slumlord. Title tack Antimacy has more of metal feel to it to start with, and has some great, almost introspective musicianship before that knee-trembling, Deftones inspired chorus drops. The riffs in Antimacy are what sets it apart from other peer's records at the moment, with the hard hitting, simplicity that makes the it sound heavy as hell! Dead And Divine at times remind me of awesome bands like Hopeafall and Cave In, in some of the melodies the weave into their choruses, but they have an originality of their own, which makes you stand up and take notice.

The quality of this record is amazing, especially in the instrumental passage in penultimate song Nothing Is Alright. It's full of emotion and at times is god damn euphoric in the senses it instills in you. Teenage Rot is you last chance to thrash along to Dead And Divine on Antimacy. It's the last rip-roaring slice of modern, melodic hardcore from a band with incredible heart and skill.

Even if this is their last recorded output, it's a fitting album to leave on. Full of swaying abandon and classy licks. Here's to the last ten years and the positive legacy Dead And Divine are leaving behind!

You can pick Antimacy from A Wolf At Your Door's online store at Dead And Divine's Facebook is Go and persuade them to carry on!

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