Tuesday 8 May 2012

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics

Opposition Rising are another addition to the ever brilliant scene hardcore/metal scene in Boston, Massachusetts. Aftermathematics is their debut release, which has been released in cooperation by a whole bunch of labels including Opposition Records, Active Rebellion, Crash Assailant Records, Pirates Press Records, Riot Ska Records, Rodent Popsicle and Tankcrimes.

Opposition Rising are all about doing things their way, with a little help from friends from time-to-time.


1. Rising
2. The Rich are Killing The Poor
3. F.T.W
4. Pink Slip Murder Suicide
5. Total Annihilation
6. Tell 'Em Nothing
7. Brick By Brick
8. Debt Sentence
9. Everybody's Lying To You All The Time
10. Destination Apocalypse.

Aftermathematics kicks off with Rising, which is a short, sharp blast of thrash inspired hardcore punk. Each song here follows the last in quick succession. The Rich Are Killing The Poor is an attack on the greed of the rich among us. The sound of the record is old-school, with the vocals sitting up top in the mix, but when the instruments are left to do their bit, they sound really clear. The guitars and drums thrash along, and I really like it when the bass can be heard, like at the start of F.T.W.

Those vocals give the record a really heavy, aggressive edge, but there are some great punk touches, like the riffs at the start of Pink Slip Murder Suicide. Total Annihilation strangely reminds me of Hatebreed, it must be the brutality of it. Please don't lynch me for saying that!

This record is riotous fun all over though, and I have visions of absolute chaos when Opposition Rising plays live. They've got such a great vibe, which will appeal to fans of different metal. Brick By Brick sounds has another great set of punk-inspired riffs, which are great to skank to!

In spite of the similarities to existing genres I mentioned above, I find it really hard to categorise Opposition Rising. Just take for example the verses in Debt Sentence, where there’s a great ska influence, which is killer. These guys are really talented musicians; being able switch between hardcore, punk and ska with minimal effort, yet keep the pace up and the music heavy. It's pure punk mayhem!

I'd strongly recommend you to pick up copy of this record by any means possible. It's a great mix of styles and will have your heads bobbing and your hips shaking!

You can listen to the entire record via the band's bandcamp page below, where they are also offering it up for free download:-

You can also find out more about Opposition Rising and contact them via their website at http://www.oppositionrising.com/home.htm and via their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/oppositionrecords, although if you want to contact them, do it via their website.

You can pick up their record on vinyl, in different colours from the following labels:-

Opposition Records (Their own label) - http://www.oppositionrising.com/home.htm
Active Rebellion - http://www.activerebellion.com/
Crash Assailant Records - http://www.crashassailantrecords.com
Pirates Press Records - http://www.piratespressrecords.com
Riot Ska Records - http://www.riotskarecords.com
Rodent Popsicle Records - www.rodentpopsicle.com
Tankcrimes - www.tankcrimes.com

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