Saturday 5 May 2012


You've probably read this from me already in the past, but I'm genuinely amazed at how the global metal scene in expanding at the moment. None more so is that evident, than in my continually growing record collection. If it's not vinyl records, it's cd's and demo tapes. I'm not talking though about mainstream metal, as I kind of come to despise it in some ways. I'm talking about the underground, independent DIY scene.

DSDNT typify the above paragraph. They're a local band from Leeds, who were cool enough to send me their EP to listen to and review. This type of band was why I set up this small blog in the first place and why I love doing this.

So onto DSDNT then. They are a four piece hardcore band, who recently released this cassette EP through Scottish label Dead Dead Dead Music. The tape itself came in a clear case, with great simple, but striking artwork and a clean, bright white cassette. The EP is made up of five tracks.


1. Begin/Turn
2. Conform
3. Numb
4. Break
5. Escape

This is great hardcore which fits in really well with the current uprising or angry, dark hardcore that's tearing Britain a new arsehole at the moment. The Opening song Begin/Turn is a perfect example of this, with really heavy, slow riffs and then the low, screamed vocals. The sound is heavy and is complemented by the production, which actually fits their sound really well.

They throw in some clean riffs into their songs which complement the driving heaviness that they achieve, just listen to Conform. The song structure is designed for out and out heaviness. Not too complex and has an ace rock n roll vibe to it. Numb is darker  in it's delivery, with some great slow riffs and blasting drum abuse.

The last two tracks, Break and Escape continue in the same vein. DSDNT have the wherewithal to write short, sharp songs which have loads of impact, even after the music has stopped. This is pure, DIY hardcore from a bunch of lads destined to rise through the ranks and leave pretenders in their wake. Long live the underground! The mainstream can FOAD!

You can stream DSDNT's EP on their bandcamp page below:-

You can also buy a physical copy of the EP from their Bigcartel page at and their Facebook page is

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