Friday 24 March 2023

Spoiled Brat - Humility

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 21 Mar 2023


1. All My Friends Like Chat Pile

2. Hieronymus Mosh

3. I Discovered My Prostate, Pray For Me

4. Penn And Smeller

5. The Everlasting Scope Of Horror

6. In A Nuts Hell

I've got that Friday feeling and it couldn't come soon enough! I'm ringing the weekend in with the hardcore/screamo/whatever stylings of US band Spoiled Brat. Humility is the band's newest release and apparently an "exclusive AI generate tour 23" release. I don't know whether that means the artwork was AI generated or the music was, but I can say that the day hardcore/metal/heavy music becomes entirely AI generated is the day I stop listening. Also, that opening song title makes them sound salty about missing out the brand new Chat Pile/Nerver split release (I missed out on grabbing a copy too, before you say anything!). Tape copies were dubbed by Akashita Corp and are only available in person from the band.

There are literally a ton of fast hardcore/screamo bands breaching the surface right now and catching up with them all is hard. Spoiled Brat dropped into my inbox a little while ago and with the promise of an up-coming EP, I waited. Humility was released on Tuesday just gone and it comes at exactly the right time. EP opener ‘All My Friends Like Chat Pile’ (and who doesn’t!) is a typically fast song filled with piercingly good screams, furiously delivered percussion and guitar work that almost crosses into panic/mathcore territory. I guess that’s not too surprising.

‘Hieronymus Mosh’ is an excellent title and the music backs it up with an intense and noisy approach from Spoiled Brat. Songs this short are meant to make an instant impact. That impact is genuine here. So much so, that you wish it were longer. Spoiled Brat show their art-punk/off-kilter side on ‘I Discovered My Prostate, Pray For Me’. It’s a brilliant mid-paced (for them) song that builds in dramatic fashion but never truly explodes. Instead there’s a controlled delivery of catchy heaviness that’s hard to beat.

It’s fairly obvious by now that Spoiled Brat like their amusing song titles, as demonstrated by ’Penn And Smeller’, which is their grindiest song so far. I honestly fucking love this. I can feel a big art/grind/emoviolence binge happening after this. ‘The Everlasting Scope Of Horror’ is equally as mad, albeit with added hardcore crunch. My only complaint is that, like the previous songs here, it doesn’t last long enough.

EP closer ‘In A Nuts Hell’ rounds out what is a stupidly fun release with a good dollop of garage-punk/no-wave madness. Humility is over before you know it but that’s fine, because you’ll keep coming back to it as a result. Spoiled Brat are a completely new name to me but one (on a long list) that I’ll be keeping an eye out for from now on. Here’s hoping that this EP gets a wider physical release soon too. I’m sure there are a few people who’d love to make that happen.

You can stream and purchase Humility as a name-your-price download below:-

Spoiled Brat -

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