Sunday 12 March 2023

Eyeteeth - Straight Edge Violence (Exclusive artwork reveal and first review)

Labels: Then And Now Podcast

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date May-2023


1. Savage Messiah

2. Bluebottle

3. Youthenized

4. Chain Whipped

5. Premium (dis)Content

6. Encased In Concrete

7. Flesh Trade

8. Labour Exchange

9. Wage War

10. Ironhide

I'm thrilled to be able to bring you an exclusive artwork reveal and review of a brand new, and as yet un-released EP from a brand new UK band. Little is known about Eyeteeth but they're a quartet and play straight edge powerviolence. This EP contains ten songs across ten minutes, so don't expect any pleasantries. Eyeteeth did release a demo back in July of last year and Straight Edge Violence will be released on vinyl, as well as digitally in May via Then And Now Podcast.

Eyeteeth are an “anti-state straight edge violence” band and their music portrays a distinct level of anger right from the off on opening track ‘Savage Messiah’, which at first has a hardcore-groove before transitioning into a much heavier beast. The vocals are fierce, matching the tempo and noise laid down by the percussion and guitars. The way that Eyeteeth instantly head straight into ‘Bluebottle’ is great to hear and there’s no time to breath during the song either. Thirty three seconds of blistering intensity.

With the initial barrage complete, ‘Youthenized’ switches formula and leads with an extended instrumental intro. It highlights how thick the riffs sound. When the full band kicks in, the percussion stands out as it’s delivered with such abandon. At times off-kilter but all the time blasting. Eyeteeth’s hardcore song-writing is properly solid on ‘Chain Whipped’ , which is full of UK punk grit and straightforward bite.

‘Premium (dis)Content’ is a great song-title and it matches the tone set by the lyrics, and the vocals, leading you into the second half of ‘Straight Edge Violence’ knowing exactly what you’ve got yourself into. There’s something noticeably menacing about this EP and mood it creates, which is magnified the further you go. ‘Encased In Concrete’ is a case in point, especially when it slows towards the end. Claustrophobia comes to mind before you’re snapped out of it by ‘Flesh Trade’ and it’s change of pace. This song reminds me of the great gigs that used to happen in Leeds, with line-ups chock full of DIY PV/hardcore bands that played hard and fast. 

Grinding almost death-like heaviness awaits on ‘Labour Exchange; but only for a short time before Eyeteeth’s hardcore takes hold again. Don’t take my over-analysing too seriously though, give it a listen for yourself. Penultimate rager ‘Wage Way’ allows for no distraction and ‘Ironhide’ is the moshable ending that all EPs should include. 

It’s hard to write about fast releases, much easier to just listen and multiple listens will reveal much more to Eyeteeth. A band definitely born out of the current discontent that envelops our country, yet one that does also bring positivity (though it’s hidden deep down). Keep a look out for the EP when it drops in May (pre-orders are due to start in April).

You can stream Eyeteeth's four-track demo from last year below and grab it as a name-your-price download too:-

Eyeteeth Instagram - eyeteethstraightegde

Then And Now Podcast Instagram - thenandnowpodcast

Special thanks go to Eyeteeth for allowing me to do this.

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