Wednesday 15 March 2023

Nhomme - 一 種 の 過 音

Labels: Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 13 Feb 2023


1. i

2. ii

3. iii

I'm going to interspersing my ongoing look at the discography the makes up Zegema Beach Records with some of the label's more recent 2023 releases. I mean damn, there are enough of them to keep the series going for a good few years. This is a new-ish release, having come out last month. It's the latest EP to come from Japanese band Nhomme. Nhomme's music seems to encapsulate screamo, emoviolence, post-rock, math-rock and even djent. They were on a split with Asunojokei, as well as Pale and Tochu-Kaso in 2020, which is of note because I'm slowly trying to build up and complete my Asunojokei collection. This release has been made up of 146 tape copies, across three different variants as well as 5 special test dips. 

This promises to be really good, as every Japanese band I’ve ever heard is. EP opener ‘ I’ is a math-rock fans dream, plain and simple. Deliciously melodic but with a bizarre yet really likeable jazz approach and amazing instrumental finesse. Its not until the two-minute mark that Nhomme introduces vocals and while they’re sparely used, their high-pitched screams are perfect amongst the music they nestle amongst.

ii’ takes the experimental nature of the opener and magnifies it, thanks to a longer running time. The production and general sound of the music on here is so alive and vibrant, without coming across as overproduced or condensed. Such musical freedom seems to be afforded to Japanese bands and Nhomme exhibits it so well here.

Their final song ‘ iii’ features their now familiar morse code-like guitar playing, which on it’s own is strange yet works brilliantly when joined by the rest of Nhomme. It’s repetitive nature may drive some people mad but lovers of avant-garde, improvisational and expressive music will love it. More traditional screamo makes it onto the song’s latter half, which adds another layer to the recording. 

Nhomme are a total find! Utterly bewildering and jarring in places, yet also beautiful and cathartic in another. This is one of those EP’s that you’ll regret not owning. I myself am in a highly suggestible mood when it comes to ordering physical releases at the moment, so may well be shopping after this. Get it while you can!

You can stream and purchase the EP as a name-your-price download below:-

Nhomme -

Physical tapes can be purchased from Zegema Beach Records below (but be warned, they're running low):-

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Zegema Beach Records -

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  1. A few interesting notes! There are only 146 copies because one of my cats ate the reels for 4 of the tapes. There's a music video that shows the tapes being made (linked below), and both the band and ZBR are almost out so I ordered a 2nd run yesterday that will release in the summer.