Sunday 5 March 2023

Erai/...And Then I Feel Nothing - Split

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 27 Dec 2022


1. Erai - One Thousand Farewells

2. ...And Then I Feel Nothing - Blossom

I can't believe that it's already March. Time's flying and as I write this I'm reminded that Peter from Erai wrote to me about this split release way back in early January. For those who aren't familiar with Erai, they're a post-hardcore/emo adjacent band from Germany and one whose previous (three) releases have been featured here. This release has a pretty cool back story to it, as Erai's drummer Rouven (also of ..And Then I Feel Nothing') decided to travel through Eastern Europe between mid-2022 and early-2023. Both bands recorded one song before Rouven departed and they appear on this EP, which was self-released as a limited lathe-cut vinyl/tape run.

This release feels like a real shift for Erai. Even though their songs have always been on the longer side, especially when it comes to post-hardcore/emo, I don’t recall them ever writing/recording/performing one that’s surpassed ten minutes as ‘One Thousand Farewells’ does. I’m not sure if it was written with the intent of saying goodbye to Rouven as he embarked on his travels, but whatever the reason, it shows yet again how mature Erai are as song writers and how well they can weave melody, and clean textures into their music. There’s definitely a late-90s/early-00’s emo/alternative feel to the song that’s both familiar but also hard to pin down to a specific influence or comparison for me.

…And Then I Feel Nothing (another band featuring Rouven on drums) follows very much on the same trajectory as Erai on their song ‘Blossom’, albeit with a heavier overall sound. Filled with more crunching hardcore and post-metal textures, it provides the backdrop for a song that’s briefer in it’s playing time but no less impactful. Given the link between both bands here, there was always going to be an element of crossover in their sound. That crossover does no harm at all. …And Then I Feel Nothing are another band that deserve greater exploration. 

Two bands that share a member, creating songs that complement each other while also cementing their own personalities. Talking of personalities, I’m beginning to notice more bands choosing to self-release their material instead of relying of labels (big or otherwise). Seeing Erai/ ...And Then I Feel Nothing take this particular approach shows that this EP is a special labour of love and makes it more meaningful.

You can stream and purchased the split digitally via ...And Then I Feel Nothing's bandcamp page below:-

Physical Lathe and tape copies are available from Erai here -

Erai -

...And Then I Feel Nothing -

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