Thursday 15 September 2022

Schedule 1 - Schedule 1

Labels: Dirt Cult Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 28 Jan 2022


1. Show Your Children

2. Another

3. Five Hundred To One

4. Sacred Light

5. Paint It Red

6. Invaders

Right, I can no longer allow myself to get distracted. I have a mission and that is to be more active (in a writing sense) than I have been in recent months. I've been working out a new schedule of reviews, which is pretty apt because Canadian punk band Schedule 1 was the first name I added. Their self-titled album was released via US label Dirt Cult Records back in January. This is Schedule 1's debut release and that's pretty much all I know about them, although I there's gonna be more to them than just punk.

I really miss the local punk scene that existed in my town up until a few years ago, but hearing Schedule 1 takes me right back to those times and the gigs that were put on. ‘Show Your Children’ opens up the record with a distinct nod to 80’s UK punk and the goth/post-punk of The Cure et al. There is a slight dower atmosphere to the music but then you’d expect that. That said, it’s not depressing by any stretch.’ Another’ has that reverb on the vocals that’s synonymous with the musical style and it works well during the verses, before Schedule 1 get noisier in the chorus, with an almost grunge-like approach. I love that their songs contain enough punch to justify their shorter lengths. No room here for sticking around!

I can definitely see this record appealing to a broader section of music fans, both young and older as it sounds like it’s been plucked out of yesteryear on ‘Five Hundred To One’. I’m not poking fun with that last sentence, so please don’t take offence. I hear comparisons to Franz Ferdinand (the UK indie band) in the song too. Schedule 1 is a slightly grittier band than the one I’ve just name-checked above though and some of that grittiness shines through on ‘Sacred Light’, once again in the reverbed-vocals and hardcore influence that’s entangled within the music. At times it’s head-bobbing and hypnotic, while at others it threatens to explode with raucous energy, but never truly does.

Penultimate song ‘Paint It Red’ has the catchiest intro riff on the album and it continues through the song, providing extra melody that steers everything away from the sometimes dystopian post-punk sound/mood. It shows, as I eluded to in the opening paragraph, that there’s much more to Schedule 1. Album closer ‘Invaders’ has a more off-kilter feel, though it’s also a song that would have been at home on any Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack. Catchy, memorable without being cheesy. I guess that’s the thing about this brand of punk; it’s simple, easy to listen to and when done right, it’s hard to forget. 

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