Sunday 25 September 2022

Deathnoisefrequency - Horrid Dirge + Omitted Horrid Chapters

Labels: Wall Of Sound Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 17 July 2020


1.  Chapter III: The Mortician's Lamenting Dirge

2. Chapter IIII: Horrid Choirs

As I cling desperately onto the remaining hours of my annual leave before returning to my day job, I thought I'd fit in a couple of short reviews. Both are of releases from the same band; Deathnoisefrequency, who hail from Saudi Arabia. Horrid Dirge was their first release, dating back to July 2020. Along with the second review, this feature is a precursor to another feature that I'm planning, which addresses the plight of bands that exist in countries with strict regimes, but more on that later. For this release, the duo of Ghassan Al Fudail (guitars) and Ahmed Mahmoud (vocals) are joined by session musicians Diya Azzony (keys, bass, effects) and Sarah Belle Reid (additional keys, trumpet and effects).

Deathnoisefrequency promise to make things uncomfortable for you as a listener and on ‘Chapter III: The Mortician’s Lamenting Dirge’, they waste no time in producing a harsh soundscape complete with almost industrial, programmed drums (I’m guessing! Please correct me if I’m wrong). It’s great to here how they interpret extreme music like this. It can’t be easy to exist as such an extreme musical entity in the Arabian Peninsula but Deathnoisefrequency clearly care about their art and it’s very enjoyable to listen to so far; especially with the production work of Diya Azzony.

Second song ‘Chapter IIII: Horrid Choirs’ is filled with ambiance and additional effects, as the opener was. It’s drone-like dirge sits perfectly alongside the trumpeting of Sarah Belle Reid, giving it an ever more menacing feel. At times there’s a harshness akin to Rammstein, but that’s a very tenuous comparison. This is way more avant-garde. One thing’s for sure though, overlooking this is a grave mistake if you like music on the more experimental end of the spectrum. 

You can stream Horrid Dirge and purchase it digitally below:-

Labels: Wall Of Sound Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 31 Oct 2021


1. The Beast's Lamenting Dirge

2. The Children's Lamenting Dirge

Coming more than twelve months after Horrid Dirge, Deathnoisefrequency released Omitted Horrid Chapters in October 2021. Again featuring two tracks, but this time both of the same length, it remains their latest release to date. It also once again features the guest musicianship and expertise of Diya Azzony and Sarah Belle Reid. 

Omitted Horrid Chapters is billed as a re-working of ‘The Mortician’s Lamenting Dirge’ and on listening to opener ‘The Beast’s Lamenting Dirge’, I can hear where Deathnoisefrequency are coming from. There seems to be more black metal influences coming through in the vocals here, as well as the ambience/effects that were heard on their first EP. 

Second song ‘The Children’s Lamenting Dirge’ almost feels like it could follow straight on from the EP’s opener without the pause, and indeed it probably should but that’s just my opinion. In it’s own right, it’s a lovely layered song that follows on perfectly in a musical sense. There’s a part of me that was expecting Deathnoisefrequency to be a lot noisier, even venturing into harsh noise, but that was the wrong assumption to make. There’s much more to them musically and that’s a reason to take notice.

Omitted Horrid Chapters can be streamed and purchased digitally below:-

To summarise both of these EPs and Deathnoisefrequency, I wouldn't hesitate to say that the music contained herein isn’t just enjoyable, but is also a unique interpretation from a band doing things their own way. I sincerely hope that there is more to come from them. If not, then may they be an influence and a beacon for those who wish to follow them.

Deathnoisefrequency -

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