Wednesday 7 September 2022

Annihilation Rite - World Below

Labels: Satanath Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 28 Apr 2022


1. Shrine Of Obscurity

2. The Abyss

3. Damnation Crowns

4. World Below

Sometimes, writing about a band in their infancy can be challenging. Annihilation Rite is a case in point, as the German solo-project is described as an industrial black metal band on social media or a death/doom band if Metal Archives is accurate. Genre specifics within extreme metal aren't that important I know, but sometimes a bit of guidance helps. Anyway, World Below is Annihilation Rite's debut full-length and was released on limited cd/digital via Georgian label Satanath Records in April of this year. The band's sole creator Entweider features (and has featured) in many other bands, including Sinister Downfall (Funere Records), Donarhall (Symbol Of Domination Productions) and Necrochaos (Godz Ov War Productions) amongst others. 

So is World Below industrial black metal or death/doom? On hearing album opener ‘Shrine Of Obscurity’ there’s definitely a heavy death/doom sound. Slow tempos, mournful instrumentation and hellish (almost gargled) vocals that lean more towards funeral doom. It’s mesmeric and atmospheric, without any of the coldness of industrial black metal (to these ears anyway). With all things considered, both Annihilation Rite and World Below sound great so far. 

One thing that’s immediately obvious about this album is that all four of it’s songs reach well over the nine minute mark. After the gloomy, crawling opener, ‘The Abyss’ begins in raucous fashion with a mix of death and black metal musicianship. I guess this must be where the industrial element comes in, but I’m still not entirely hearing it, aside from the subtle use of electronics that you can hear more vividly before the vocals kick in. When they do, the pace slows once again. The way that Annihilation Rite weaves different extreme metal elements together makes it much harder to pin down, but the band’s slower sections really make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

‘Damnation Crowns’ is a prime example of what I’ve just said with bucket loads of truly engrossing guitar work and extended build-ups. When Annihilation Rite hits full stride after the three minute mark, there’s no place of safety. The masterful arrangements, skilled musicianship and professional recoding/mixing help it stand out, especially for a debut release!

Closing with the title-track ‘World Below’, there’s an ominous feel to the music that’s seemingly magnified somewhat. I’m not sure this song is any different to the three that came before it but there just seems to be something slightly different about it. Maybe it’s the lumbering pace (that’s similar to the opener), but whatever it is, it’s glorious in a dark way. I for one really enjoy how different bands/projects interpret slower music. 

I’ve always considered German bands to be more industrial in tone, yet Annihilation Rite don’t have that feel. Instead, there’s an odd feeling of warmth emanating from the speakers that may take you by surprise. I hope to hear more from this band in future, as this debut has really hit the spot.

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