Monday 5 September 2022

Fueled By Fire - Past...Present...No Future Pt.1

Labels: M-Theory Audio

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. Disrupt

2. Bloodshed

The thrash metal wave of the early 00's, including Municipal Waste, Evile, Bonded By Blood et al was a joy to behold (if you were like me) and L.A. band Fueled By Fire was another worthy of praise during that time, so much so that their 2006 debut album Spread The Fire (originally released via Annialation Records) was re-released by Metal Blade Records a year later. After a seven year gap (following another two full-length albums). they released the first of two new 7"s in late 2021 via US label M-Theory Audio.

I really dig thrash metal but I don’t listen to it nearly enough. Bands like Death Angel and Evile have been my go to’s for a while now but I know the pool is larger than just those two. Fueled By Fire are an unsung hero of modern day thrash and with their new music, they channel their inner Slayer. ‘Disrupt’ grooves right from the off, with plenty of staple riffs and a tempo that hints at fast, while being deceptively mid-paced at the same time. The Slayerism’s are more obvious in the vocals but comparisons aside, Fueled By Fire are very much more than just another thrash band.

Second song ‘Bloodshed’ is equally as hard hitting as ‘Disrupt’. It’s fairly obvious just how proficient Fueled By Fire are instrumentally, let alone vocally. There’s an element of Kreator in their sound, which is no bad thing either. They know how to inject a lot of music into the short running time of this EP and in doing so, they leave one hell of an impression (once again).

It’e save to say that even after these two songs, I’m going to be seeking out more by both Fueled By Fire and by other thrash bands of their ilk. Life’s too short not to have fun and thrash is always fun.

You can stream and purchase Past...Present...No Future Pt.1 both digitally, and physically below:-

Fueled By Fire -

M-Theory Audio -

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