Monday 10 January 2022

Youth Novel/Coma Regalia - The Gentle Harm Of Tradition Split

Labels: Dingleberry Records/Middle-Man Records/Too Far Gone Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 07 Apr 2016


1. Youth Novel - V

2. Youth Novel - VI

3. Coma Regalia - Each Day A Gift

4. Coma Regalia - From Me To You

I'm back after a few days of family time. I'm getting far too used to not working a full week as well. Got a week coming up where I can catch up on writing/planning and I'm kicking things off with the first Zegema Beach Roster review of 2022, in the form of the 2016 Youth Novel/Coma Regalia split. Released both on vinyl and digitally via a select group of labels, it's not been mentioned much (at least to my knowledge anyway), so here it is.

It’s my intention this year to change up my writing style; however, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (as they say) and I’m not sure my slightly laboured attempts would suit this split anyway. Also, it’s pretty futile when both bands here lean towards the emoviolence end of the spectrum, meaning that their songs are pretty short.

Youth Novel come first with two songs that come and go in a whirlwind of intense screamo. ‘V’ is pretty much emoviolence but with a calm, melodic mid-section. It certainly shows their best side with accurate and engrossing percussion, bass guitar that’s almost funky, dreamy melodic guitar work and properly rousing vocals. ‘VI’ is no different though there’s a live sense to the song thanks to it’s opening, which includes stirring speeches and applause. It’s equally as engaging as it’s predecessor too, with angular guitar being the main focal point (for me anyway). 

Coma Regalia is a band that should definitely be familiar to you, especially if you’re a fan of anything screamo/post-hardcore. The band has not just released music on almost every size of vinyl format ever,  but has also worked alongside a countless amount of others on split releases. CR’s two songs are meant to come and go very quickly, starting with ‘Each Day A Gift’. Musically spot-on (as always) and like Youth Novel, they’re very good a painting a picture through their sounds and textures. ‘Each Day A Gift’ is instrumental too. CR’s second song ‘From Me To You’ is much more immediate, though moments of calm do show through the intensity. 

I still maintain that releases like this are great. Yes they’re short but that only lends itself to repeat listens and the yearning for more. Both Youth Novel and Coma Regalia are prolific bands in their own right, but together they’re pretty damn unstoppable.

Stream and grab the split digitally below (also available digitally from Middle-Man Records and Too Far Gone Records):-

Youth Novel -

Coma Regalia -

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Middle-Man Records -

Too Far Gone Records -

Zegema Beach Records CAN/INTL -

Dingleberry Records -

Middle-Man Records -

Too Far Gone Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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