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The World That Summer/Apostles Of Eris - Split

Labels: Dingleberry Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 29 Apr 2016


1. The World That Summer - Some Guy Named Gabbo

2. The World That Summer - Swine Dialect Incantation

3. The World That Summer - Sad Boise State

4. Apostles Of Eris - So Far To Go

5. Apostles Of Eris - A Growing Emptiness With A Sense Of Completion

6. Apostles Of Eris - B.S.

7. Apostles Of Eris - Putting Faith Into Fantasy

This evening's review features two bands that seem to be intrinsically linked to Zegema Beach Records. Firstly, The World That Summer features one half of ZBR's duo, Mr Norman, while Apostles Of Eris and it's sole member Jesse has had music released by ZBR while in various bands over the years. It made perfect sense then for them to come together for this split tape, which saw the light of day in 2016, with help from Dingleberry Records too. It was limited to 75 gold coloured tapes, of which I'm a proud owner of one such copy. 

Now, how do you store your split releases? Do you store them in order of artist (alphabetically) or by who's on the A-Side? Seriously, I'd love to know because I found my copy amongst the A's even though The World That Summer is on the A-side.

I was naive in thinking that hassle only existed on working days. Apparently, it also exists on non-working days, when living in a block of flats. Escapism is only a finger tip away though and for a brief moment, it comes in the form of this split between The World That Summer and Apostles Of Eris. Canadian band The World That Summer’s discography is small and the band is currently on a sort of hiatus thing. They contribute three songs to this split and their first is one with a nod to The Simpsons. ‘Some Guy Named Gabbo’ is musically atmospheric and sometimes moody, while the vocals go from a spoken-word sort of tone to heart-wrenchingly harsh. It’s hard to make comparisons to this, but I here Time In Malta crossed with Times Of Grace (at least in this song anyway). That’s probably so way off, but I hear what I hear!

Comparisons are lazy though and The World That Summer are worthy of much more attention on their own. On ‘Swine Dialect Incantation’ they exhibit what makes Canadian post-hardcore/screamo so recognisable and great, while also sounding so much more old-school. The clean singing does it for me, as well as the sheer expansiveness. Properly infectious. TWTS’s final song ‘Sad Boise State’ takes on elements of countrymen Alexisonfire but moulds them into something all of their own. Off-kilter, mathy, dreamo-y and abrasive all in one. Despite owning the tape and spinning it countless times before, trying to describe it is difficult in the word sense, but please stick with me.

US band Apostles Of Eris make up the second side of this split with four tracks. You’d never know that this is (or at least was on this split) a solo project. It’s noisy and instantly more caustic on opener ‘So Far To Go’. The instrumental tones are somewhat darker here and the vocals are delivered with a kind of raspy, garage-like harshness. It’s violent but without being emo-violence, if you know what I mean. ‘A Growing Emptiness With A Sense Of Completion’ isn’t just a great song title. It also comprises a chaotically intense cacophony of noise and screams that end far too quickly, subtle metallic-isms and all.

‘B.S’ is the aural equivalent of ignoring the very phrase that it’s the abbreviation of (though I get the impression that the abbreviation relates to belief systems and not bullshit, as I was expecting!). It’s a calming and melodic instrumental song with a slightly rambling (in a good way) spoken-work sample that refers to US Presidents, so it could really be a reference to either! AOE’s closing song ‘Putting Faith Into Fantasy’ packages up everything that’s great about the band’s lo-fi (and honest) sound. It’s so emotive and real, teeming with life throughout. For a song that’s high in tempo and that nearly reaches the five-minute mark, it gives the impression that it lasts way longer. That’s totally cool though, as it closes out the split in powerful fashion.

I honestly didn’t think this review would end up being as long as it’s turned out, but I guess sometimes music breeds inspiration. This split release is just plain awesome. Both The World That Summer and Apostles Of Eris are perfect together, making post-hardcore/screamo that’s beyond epic. If for whatever reason you’ve slept on this, there’s still a chance to repent and make good with the modern-day god tier overlords that gave brith to this release.

You can stream the release and acquire it as a name-your-price download below:-

Tape copies of the split are long sold out.

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