Sunday 2 January 2022

Frequencies Deleted #5: See Through Buildings - No Greater Love, No Deeper Loss (by Mikey Ortega)

Label: Self-Released

Format: CD/Digital

Release Date: 16 May 2021



1. A Body So Small with An Energy So Big

2. An Explosion of Silence and Sadness

For many years, dogs have been known as “Man’s Best Friend”. They’ve been there for the good times and the bad times. Shared many memories and have always been there by your side. So you can imagine the loss and grief when you lose someone that close.  Someone that is considered as family. It’s as if a piece of you is missing. On See Through Building’s NO GREATER LOVE, NO DEEPER LOSS, Ben Rehling expresses his grief, after the passing of his dog, Hanna. If you’re familiar with See Through Buildings work, then you know how punishing and aggresive it can be and if you read the credits on STB’s Bandcamp page, you would know this is the first time Ben has delved into this subject matter.  For sure, this one is very personal and you can only hope to find some closure.


We start off with “A Body So Small with an Energy So Big”, which, by the title, tells you everything about Hanna. When Hanna was brought home as a small pup, she was full of life. It’s as if you knew she belonged. Especially with the way she interacts with the other pets. That right there tells you Hanna was something special and the soundscapes totally captured that. Like a little ball of energy, just running around the house, with no sight of slowing down. We then go into “An Explosion of Silence and Sadness”, which just hits you with a ton of bricks. Those low-ends just gets you in the feels and you can understand what Ben is going through. You’re so used to hearing barking and other noise, that silence just feels out of place and that makes your loss very hard to get through.


NO GREATER LOVE, NO DEEPER LOSS, is an album that anyone can relate to. We’ve seen our loved one on their last leg. We’ve seen them struggle and suffer. We do our best to make their last days in this World comfortable. We try to spend as much time with them as much as possible, because we don’t know how long they have in this World and even though they’re no longer with us, we do our best to keep their memory alive. I like to think NO GREATER LOVE, NO DEEPER LOSS is an album that can help us get through some rough times. To remind us that those we’ve lost, will forever live inside us and that they are never gone. NO GREATER LOVE, NO DEEPER LOSS, is a perfect send-off to Man’s Best Friend. R.I.P, Hanna. Always enjoyed those pics that Ben posted on facebook and Instagram.


You can download NO GREATER LOVE, NO DEEPER LOSS on Bandcamp. All proceeds goes to animal rescues in the Southern California area and also be sure to follow See Through Buildings on social media in the link below.

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