Friday 14 January 2022

Moongazer - Gone

Labels: Silentium In Foresta Records/Larry Records

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 29 Jul 2021


1. This Wretched Existence

2. Catatonic

3. Please Don't Go

This review features a band that is new to me and a release that I was due to help promote via a premiere (at least the tape version anyway), but some things don't always work out so I decided I would write about it anyway. Gone is the debut EP from US depressive black metal/blackgaze project Moongazer. It was originally self-released digitally back in July of last year, before seeing a CD release via Mexican label Silentium In Foresta Records (which includes the bonus track 'Rumination'). US label Larry Records picked it up for a tape release shortly afterwards, with the run selling out just as we slid into 2022. With a hint that more maybe coming out later this month, it seems like a good time to give this a spin.

It’s a strange existence that we reside in right now, somewhere beyond normality yet accepting what we have as just that. In uncertain times we find ourselves grasping onto art or possessions that we might not have held so dear before and that certainly counts where music is concerned. Moongazer seems to understand this (whether on purpose or not) and EP (or maybe album?) opener ‘This Wretched Existence’ is aptly presented with both cold extremity and warm melody. Distancing itself from you but also extending it’s hand out in friendship. 

With the use of melancholic guitar, percussion that turns from sensitive to mournfully blasting and vocals that are both ice cold up front, and subtly choral behind, the opener really strikes a chord, as does the piano towards the end. ’ Catatonic’ is an otherworldly piece that features a lot of ambience and noise. It’s unnerving but then I guess it’s supposed to be. Not everything in this life is meant to be comforting. 

Sadness and self-reflection truly prevails on final song ‘Please Don’t Go’. It’s the record’s longest song and as such, it’s most expansive too. Moongazer weaves into it familiar black metal and lighter instrumentation that seems to move between genres. Whatever you feel about black metal and extreme music in general, you’ll be hard pressed to dismiss this release if you’re a genuine music lover. That such beauty and creativity can come from one person, no matter how obscure, is amazing. 

I’m not going to say anything else except listen to Gone and buy it in any format you can. You won’t regret it.

You can stream and purchase the release digitally from Moongazer's bandcamp page below:-

Moongazer -

Physical CD copies can be purchased from Silentium In Foresta Records below (only five copies remain):-

There may be more copies coming from Larry Records, but I'll correct this if not.

Larry Records -

Silentium In Foresta Records -

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