Saturday 21 August 2021

Sumeru - Blood Ordinance

Labels: Brilliant Emperor Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 21 Jan 2021


1. Cold Chamber

2. Foundry Of Dread

I'm fitting in a quick writing session this morning and delving back into my ever growing digital review pile. Blood Ordinance is the latest EP release from Australian death/doom metal band Sumeru and it was released via fellow Australian label Brilliant Emperor Records back in January. Sumeru have been active for well over a decade now and have released two full-lengths, as well as two EPs in that time. 

Sumeru’s music on EP opener ‘Cold Chamber’ is made up of stellar death/doom with a leaning towards more technical music than their Metal Archives description would suggest. I was expecting some groovy and chilled out stoner/doom from that, but I’m not complaining at all! Sumeru are very adept song-writers and they prove that with the ability to switch between tempos, going from fast death metal to pensive doom with ease. The atmosphere created by the slower second half of ‘Cold Chamber’ is spine tingling.

Second song ‘Foundry Of Dread’ is delightfully deathly, with percussion taking the lead with a proper bouncing tempo, while the guitars and vocals drag you deep into the sub sewers. It’s a little more on the thrash side in places, while the guitar solo midway through just screams pure heavy metal! This is my first introduction to Sumeru and it’s the perfect one. I really enjoyed this and while this review is late compared to others, time doesn’t matter in the age of being able to instantly stream music (unpopular/controversial opinion I’m sure). With a more than decent back catalogue already, now is the best time to discover Sumeru.

You can stream and purchase Blood Ordinance on vinyl and digitally below:-

Physical copies are also available via Brilliant Emperor Records here -

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