Wednesday 25 August 2021

Sky Pig - Hell Is Inside You (by Mikey Ortega)

Label: Transylvanian Recordings

Format: CD/Cassette/Digital

Release Date: August 16, 2020



1.  Gimp

2.  The Scag

3.  Save Yourself

4.  The Strain


It’s pretty safe to say that the presence of Neurosis can be heard in the heavy underground. For more than 10 years, I’ve been hearing many bands, bring that apocalyptic sound and crush eardrums across every music venue and every year, it seems that someone in the sludge and post-metal scene, always comes and changes the game. In comes Sky Pig – a sludge band from Sacramento, that takes the genre to a deeper, darker, and psychedelic experience.  Last year, the band put out their 2nd EP, Hell Is Inside You (which is celebrating its anniversary, this month), and these four tracks sure pack a punch.


The EP opens with “Gimp” – which sets everything up and lets you know what in for. The track begins with a spacey-psychedelic sound, before that riff kicks in and you can’t help but bang along. We are then followed with a sick guitar chug to start “The Scag”. This track has a killer death rock influence, that gives Sky Pig more of a darker and brooding edge.  Especially with lyrics like “You Sold Your Soul/ Your Reward Is This Affliction/ Broken Mind, Writhing Soul/ Lost Inside Your Dead Reflection”. “Save Yourself” is the track that gets me going. If there is one Sky Pig song that I suggest people to check out, it would be this.  To me – this song is a perfect mix of sludge/doom and death rock. From the opening bass line to the guitar effects and tone, the gloomy vocals and Scott Kelly-esque screams, this is the sound that defines Sky Pig. And finally, we end it with the epic, “The Strain”. A perfect closer for such a crushing EP. When you hear a phaser on that guitar, you know you’re in for a trip. This may be the “last ride”, but I’m hoping for more Sky Pig in the future.


For an EP, Hell Is Inside You, really feels like a full-length. Every track pack a punch, that it will make the Earth shake. It’s a psychedelic trip to an apocalyptic Hell, you would think you’re in a Ken Russell film. Or a more fucked up version of Dante’s Inferno. The production really brings out that hell world to life. As if you can feel Armageddon being upon us.  Really excited to see what Sky Pig cooks up next.  They are a band that has a sound, that will leave a mark in doom and sludge. If anything, Hell Is Inside You is proof that you shouldn’t sleep on Sky Pig.


The Hand Of God/ Been Snuffed In The Cradle/ Your Hope And Resistance/ Is Bigger Than His World


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