Thursday 1 July 2021

Weston Super Maim - 180-Degree Murder EP

Labels: Dark Trail Records

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 16 Jul 2021


1. 180-Degree Murder

2. We Need To Talk About Heaven

Just when I thought I'd seen every band name ever, one comes along and borrows two-thirds of a Somerset (UK) seaside town's name. Band-name semantics aside, Weston Super Maim is a two-piece math/tech metal band that crosses oceans with one member residing in the UK and another in the US. Original band founder Tom Stevens is joined by vocalist Seth Detrick (of L.A. thrash band PDP). This EP is being released via US label Dark Trail Records on July 16th and it follows the band's 2020 compilation album The Neglected Works

Weston Super Maim have been constantly compered to Meshuggah in their press releases and you’ll hear a lot of that band in the duo’s music here, but there’s more to them that just that one similarity. The title-track ‘180-Degree Murder’ is a beast with destructive percussion, earth-shaking bass, off-kilter riffs for days and a vocal delivery that’s out of this world heavy. It’s kind of like if Trap Them joined forces with Oceano and listened to mathcore for two weeks solid! 

Second song ‘We Need To Talk About Heaven’ is more melodic during it’s intro, before the music pauses briefly to welcome another huge slab of varied tempos and intense heaviness. Perhaps I’m being a little general (or hyperbolic) in my description of the music here but everybody interprets it in their own way anyway. I just merely talk about how I hear it. Both Tom and Seth are clearly on the same page here as they’ve produced an instantly memorable and impactful EP.

If the current global situation is grinding you down…fear not, this composition will help provide some perspective as well as mental release. Weston Super Maim provide the kind of aural catharsis that we all need right now. Jam this as loud and as often as you can

You can stream and pre-order the EP on both vinyl and digital formats below:-

CDs (as well as the above formats) can be ordered from Dark Trail Records here:-

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