Tuesday 13 July 2021

Funeral Fullmoon - Revelation Of Evil

Labels: Self-Released/Inferna Profundus Records/Consumed By The Flames Productions/Adramalech Records

Formats: Digital/Tape/Vinyl/CD

Release Date: 14 Sep 2020


1. Perpetual Hate

2. Cursed Of My Poison Mind

3. Secret Of The Moon

4. Revelation Of Evil

5. Cold Is My Soul

6. Malefic Incarnation

7. Under The Shining Moon

8. The Whispers A Dark Dead

This is probably a first for me, as this review features a band that mixes black metal with dungeon synth. To be honest, I still haven't really listened to any dungeon synth as I prefer my heavy music on the more traditional drums/guitars/vocals end of the spectrum. Funeral Fullmoon is a solo black metal band from Chile, forming part of the 'Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague Circle' within the country. Revelation Of Evil was originally self-released on tape and digital formats by the band last September, before Lithuanian label Inferna Profundus Records released it on vinyl in mid-January. Since then, Mexican label Consumed By The Flames Productions and Chilean label Adramalech Records have released it on both cd and tape respectively. A note to add is that the full album features eight song, while the Inferna Profundus Records vinyl pressing only contains seven (all label/track information comes courtesy of Metal Archives, so please correct me if it's wrong).

What lies ahead is over fifty-five minutes of raw black metal. Album opener ‘Perpetual Hate’ is certainly raw, with a real sense of analog recording and cold tones, while there are also some synth elements hidden within. The percussion of guest drummer Insepultor is spot on, while the guitar provide melody that’s very much at odds with the icy growls from Magister Nihilifer Vendetta 218. There’s more of a mid-tempo pace for the majority of the song, but it’s not always the case.

I have to say that compared to the Vampirska/Glemt split I reviewed last month, this is a more palatable release in terms of raw black metal. There wasn’t a lot wrong with that aforementioned split but it just went too far in the other direction for me. Funeral Fullmoon uses subtle melody and more structured song-writing well on ‘Cursed Of My Poison Mind’. Funeral Fullmoon’s metallic leanings come through on ‘Secret Of The Moon’. There’s a lot more prominent use of guitar here, in what is probably the album’s most furious song. It’s tempo is high, the percussion is full of crashing cymbals and the vocals seem to settle into a raspy, evil growl. This is a much more straightforward black metal song for sure.

The momentum continues on the album title track ‘Revelation Of Evil’, which is a constant black metal battering if ever there was one. It seems to pick up pace as it goes and even though it’s rawness is obvious, there’s much more to take in musically. By now, black metal’s restrictions as a genre are well known but that doesn’t stop bands like Funeral Fullmoon from putting on their best show. The song-writing is really strong, more so that you might be expecting. The second half of the album begins with another mid-paced number in the form ‘Cold Is My Soul’ and as song titles go, this one is more than apt. For a band that filters their music through such cold atmosphere and emotions, it’s hard not feel to the same when listening. At times we all act with disdain toward our fellow humans, so it’s okay to like what you’re hearing here.

‘Malefic Incarnation’ may read like a death metal song but it’s not, unsurprisingly. There’s nothing deathly about it, as metallic trails are woven against a backdrop of black metal spite that’s more than just necro. The twists and turns that make up this song are much more beguiling than the average black metal anti-hymn. Funeral Fullmoon is to thank for that. Groove is the overriding element in penultimate song ‘Under The Shining Moon’ and whether it’s intentional is immaterial, as there’s always going to be an element of repetition and comfort in a song lasting seven minutes. I think that this pace suits the band really well as a matter of fact. Yes, it’s probably a bit primitive for some but black metal isn’t necessarily technical after all. The synths make an appearance again too, adding to the melody. They’re used subtly and yet they’re not drowned out by the dissonance either.

Ending with ‘The Whispers A Dark Dead’, there’s one last chance for complete Chilean black metal immersion and Funeral Fullmoon know’s it. Not wasting any time, they launch into a high gear and deliver one final breath of truly assured heaviness. The experimentation within the music has not always been obvious on Revelation Of Evil, but it is here for sure. Raging extremity rubs shoulders with haunting introspection, contributing to a mid-section that’s more sensitive and restrained. The final few minutes are more comfortable territory for the band, but with all elements still wringing in your ears, it’s hard not to be thoroughly impressed with this.

I know that glowing reviews aren’t considered necessary by those in the black metal underground, but it needs putting on record that Revelation Of Evil is a fantastic piece of work. Funeral Fullmoon shows just how much talent is lying in wait, to be discovered by the unsuspecting listener. 

You can stream and buy Revelation Of Evil digitally from the band here:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Inferna Profundus Records - https://www.ipr666shop.com/inferna-profundus-releases/vinyl

Consumed By The Flames Productions (via e-mail) - https://www.facebook.com/Consumedbytheflames

Inferna Profundus Records - https://www.facebook.com/ipr666

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