Tuesday 27 July 2021

Coven - La Chaleur Nous Accable

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 31 Jan 2021


1. La Violence

2. Cortege De Faim

3. Détruis Les Cartes

4. Marasme

5. La Pluie

There's a bit of a back story about how I came to hear about French screamo/punk band Coven. It goes back to about 2012 when I was contacted by a gentleman called Bertrand (who ran the French label Orchidscent Records and played in Who Needs Maps?). We conversed back and forth, and he was kind enough to send me some of his label's releases to review. Anyway, fast-forward nine years and out of the blue, he messages me again via social media to tell me about the new band he's drumming in...Coven. 

I'm telling you this because I'm still utterly taken aback by the fact that someone who I was in touch with when the blog was arguably way more active, remembered me and took the time to write to me again. It feels really humbling. Anyway, before I get even more sentimental, La Chaleur Nous Accable is Coven's debut EP. It was self-released digitally by the band back in late January. 

Coven has such a killer sound on La Chaleur Nous Accable. The melodic instrumentation sits so well alongside the harsh screams on opener ‘La Violence’ that it’s almost impossibly pointless to try and describe their music any further, though I’m still going to try my best. Coven’s sound encompasses the best cinematic post-hardcore in it’s approach and ‘Cortege De Faim’ switches between La Dispute-style atmospherics and darker hardcore leanings with English lyrics. It’s such a powerful song from start to finish. 

In terms of complete and rounded compositions, this EP is near perfect. ‘Detruis Les Cartes’ is the most punk song so far, with gang-vocals and percussion that demands pogoing from even the staunchest of arm-folders. ‘Marasme’ seems like a bit of a breather in terms of it’s more laid-back approach and I guess it is, given it’s shorter length. It’s not an interlude though and Coven still fills it full of atmosphere with gentle instrumentation that goes head to head with distant(ish) screams.

EP closer ‘Le Pluie’ allows for one last uplifting blast of screamo done right. It’s not all about emoviolence and total dissonance. Instead, there’s genuine emotion and that comes through in the lysis, and the pitch of the vocals. There are moments of more chaotic heaviness towards the mid-section but it’s controlled chaos right up to it’s conclusion.

I haven’t felt energised enough to write as much as I used to recently (and I think that clearly shows), which I’ve put down to general metal fatigue mainly, but when I do sit down to listen to music and write words about it, it feels more special than ever. Maybe that’s the key and maybe (definitely) it’s thanks to bands like Coven (and people like Bertrand) for making it so. Please throw Coven your full attention and support, they deserve it.

You can stream and purchase La Chaleur Nous Accable digitally below:-

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