Sunday 27 June 2021

Evulse - Pustulant Spawn EP

Labels: Dawnbreed Records/Transylvanian Recordings/Godz Ov War Productions

Formats: Tape/Digital/CD

Release Date: 04 Sep 2020


1. Repulsive Infestation

2. Pustulant Spawn

3. Depraved Sanctity

4. Worms Made Flesh

There's currently a tsunami of death metal ravaging the underground. As cheesy as that opening line sounds, it's pretty accurate given how many death metal bands are reaching people's ears. We're experiencing it in the UK with bands including Slimelord, Celestial Sanctuary, Mortuary Spawn etc; while the US is constantly producing bands is large quantities. California's Evulse are a new name to me but they've been around since 2018, when they released their first demo/ep Call Of The Void. It was released on multiple formats by Dawnbreed Records (vinyl), Transylvanian Recordings (tape/digital) and Godz Ov War Productions (cd/digital). 

In September of last year, Evulse joined forces with Dawnbreed Records and Transylvanian Recordings again to release their latest EP Pustulant Spawn on tape and digitally, while in February just gone they released a cd version, once again with Godz Ov War Productions. Those that make up Evulse are no slouches when it comes to extreme metal either, as they currently play or have played in a list of bands as long as your arm!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was some kind of gore-death release and given it’s title, that’s understandable but what Evulse actually gives you is a nasty old-school slab of death metal with grinding tendencies on EP opener ‘Repulsive Infestation’. The instrumentation looms large, especially the guitars, while the growling vocals have that raspy lower-register sound that’s at home alongside the bass/drum work. The title-track ‘Pustulant Spawn’ comes at you with immediate force. It’s a short song but there’s no skimping on musicality as the metallic lead riffs show later on. There is a doom-like edge to it as well, adding more of a murky atmosphere.

The second half of the EP is very much more blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. ‘Depraved Sanctity’ plays on Evulse’s grinding intensity a heap more, with higher tempos and driving percussion. The bass and guitars are tuned down yet there’s room for some screeching riffs and an undercurrent of melody too. An ear worm if ever there was one. Talking of worms, EP closer ‘Worms Made Flesh’ winds things up with an evil flair that’s impossible to ignore. Gathering up all of Evulse’s song-writing elements and strengths, it shows exactly what they’re about in a very precise way.

As far as death metal goes, this is definitely a memorable release. It remains to be seen whether the genre will become over-saturated again but until that point, Evulse and others will continue to grow and on this evidence that can only be a good thing!

You can stream and purchase Pustulant Spawn digitally via Godz Ov War Productions below:-

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Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

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