Sunday 20 June 2021

Vampirska/Glemt - By Sanguinarian Will... Split

Labels: Inferna Profundus Records/Azure Graal

Formats: Vinyl/Digital/Tape

Release Date: 18 Jan 2021

1. Vampirska - A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague I

2. Vampirska - A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague II

3. Vampirska - A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague III

4. Glemt - Chambers Of Burning Malice

5. Glemt - Convulsing Phantasms Of Mine Lacerations

6. Glemt - Bastille Visions Of What Is To Come

7. Glemt - Forever Wandering Through Jacobean Hallways

8. Glemt - The Moon Weeps Blood And Bestows The Truth I Seek

9. Glemt - Belas Knap In The Lust Of Night

Delving back into the review schedule I put together this time last week, I've been taken down a path that's led me to a US/UK raw black metal split. It was released initially in very late December 2020 on tape via Swedish label Azure Graal, before being released on vinyl and digital formats via Lithuanian label Inferna Profundus Records in January 2021. For a bit of background into both bands; Vampirska is a mysterious entity that's released a demo, a full-length and four splits since 2019, while Glemt is a solo-project that formed around the same time and has so far released a huge amount of music, including four demos, four splits, an EP and a comp (all info is according to Metal Archives). Vampirska's side here features three songs while Glemt contributes six.

When I read the description for this split and it mentioned raw black metal, I wasn’t expecting it to be as raw as it is to be honest. It opens with a trio of songs from USBM band Vampirska and ‘A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague I’ is an odd one because while it’s bathed in noise, muddied percussion and piercing screams, it’s also got riffs that are melodic and somewhat upbeat nestling in the mix. On initial listen it is quite a challenge to the senses but it’s more than worth persevering with. Vampirska’s songs tend to be on the lengthier side but as a result they can also be quite hypnotic, as demonstrated in the band’s opener. ‘A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague II’ is no different, although there are changing tempos strategically placed within it to prevent it from becoming too trance inducing. 

By the time the third song in Vampirska’s trilogy comes round, you’ll have decided whether of not you want to continue, unless of course your a devoted fan of the rawest and most lo-fi black metal. ‘A Curse Bearing The Nocturnal Plague III’ contains the most chaotic and disdainful vocals of the three, which I think gives you a glimpse into the darker realms of the band for sure. Despite it maybe not coming across as such above, I’ve enjoyed Vampirska’s side of this split. It’s not an easy listen but black metal like this shouldn’t be.

Moving back across to the UK now and solo black metal band Glemt provides a somewhat shamanistic and depressive take on the genre. ‘Chambers Of Burning Malice’ is the first of six songs from the band here and it certainly lives up to the title. Haunting, orchestral and maybe slightly more typical of black metal going back to it’s roots. ‘Convulsing Phantasms Of Mine Lacerations’ is more stripped back, relying solely on the more traditional drum/bass/guitar/vocal approach, with less of the orchestral additions. Speaking of the vocals, they’re much more tortured here, even more so than Vampirska’s to my ears.

Glemt’s longest song comes in the form of ‘Bastille Visions Of What Is To Come’ and even with that extended playing time, the music is still no easier to take in. Atmospheric in terms of the stark visions it creates in your mind, there’s no room for weakness at all. For a sub-genre that’s seemingly so simple, it’s anything but. When more subtle ambient instrumentation is allowed to show through, it is beautiful though. 

There’s a brief moment of relative calm thanks to the instrumental piece ‘Forever Wandering Through Jacobean Hallways’, which does provide your head with a rest of sorts before Glemt’s penultimate song ‘The Moon Weeps Blood And Bestows The Truth I Seek’. It’s a slower crawl this one, with a tempo that’s slightly tempered back. The structure of the song is also a little more traditional, in the sense that it contains a nice  introspective mid-section that breaks things up a bit too. I’m going to go as far as to say it’s my favourite song on the entire split.

Glemt’s final song and the split’s closer ‘Belas Knap In The Lust Of Night’ is once again a very ambient piece. It’s a peaceful listen and helps to round out an album that’s definitely a journey in sound. It’s one that is hard at times yet there is still beauty to it. Maybe only one for the die-hard black metal listeners but I have a feeling it’s going to lead down a whole new rabbit hole for those brave enough to commit.

You can stream and purchase By Sanguinarian Will... digitally below:-

Vampirska -

Glemt - /

Tape versions are completely sold out via Azure Graal, while it's the same for vinyl copies from Inferna Profundus Records. 

Azure Graal -

Inferna Profundus Records -

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