Sunday 3 January 2021

Tantivy - Eyes In The Night EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2021


1. I Am The Wolf

2. Cut 'Em Loose

3. Daggers

4. Houndin' Ya

5. Nowhere

I sit down to right this first review of 2021 full of optimism about the year ahead but also annoyance, because I'm still not on top of my goddamn inbox (first world problems!). This is the debut EP from Wisconsin (USA) traditional heavy metal/thrash metal duo Tantivy, which is set for official release on January 15th. It was recorded by Elliot Lozier and mixed/mastered by Haunt mastermind Trevor William Church. The press releases comparisons to the likes of 3 Inches Of Blood, early-Metallics, Judas Priest and Toxic Holocaust really got my attention, so let's see if the music does.

Aside from the bands I mentioned above, there’s a great amount of other influences in Tantivy’s own brand of traditional heavy/speed metal. ‘I Am The Wolf’ sounds like it was taken straight from the Motorhead album outtake archives and that’s not a criticism at all. Definite 3 Inches Of Blood leanings to which is great. The duo, made up of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Adam Geurink and drummer Jon Zimick certainly have the chops early on.

‘Cut ‘Em Loose’ is a lot more bluesy and definitely more on the traditional heavy metal end of the spectrum for the most part. The tempos do pick up at times and there are some great vocal theatrics going on as well. The instrumentation is surprisingly tight for a debut release, but both members have been involved in bands before so that’s not a surprise.

Third song ‘Daggers’ underlines the catchiness of Eyes In The Night and signals the mid-point of the EP. The songs here are not too long and keep up really strong momentum throughout, which is pleasing. There are no elements of power metal within either the music or the vocals, which is what I was slightly afraid of at first sight, though I know that there is a lot of crossover between that sub-genre and traditional heavy metal. Maybe I should just finally embrace power metal!

Solos are right up in your face on ‘Houndin’ Ya’, with vocals that are both melodic and rasping, bass that gallops and drumming that binds it all together. After an xmas period of cheesy classics and other pop detritus, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. If a full lockdown gets called tonight and I end up on furlough, I’ll be jamming this loud to help get me through.

EP closer ‘Nowhere’ is the perfect way to end Eyes In The Night. It’s as rip-roaring as when this EP started and just goes to show how infectious Tantivy is and surely will be, as they release more music. Despite all of the sub-genres that it spawned, heavy metal itself is growing at a huge rate now more than ever and this EP shows why. If you’re crossing over from more mainstream pop/rock, then bands like Tantivy will be a great place for you to start.

You can stream the EP's first two tracks prior to it's full release below, where you can also pre-order it:-

Tantivy -

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