Thursday 14 January 2021

DayGlo Mourning - Dead Star

Labels: Black Doomba Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 10 Feb 2021


1. Dead Star

2. The Offering

3. Bloodghast

4. Faithful Demise

5. Ashwhore

6. Witch's Ladder

When this promo hit my inbox, the first thing that struck me was the artwork (created by Montdoom). It's so colourful and pleasing on the eye. I love it when a band marries their music up with such art, which in turn helps build their whole aesthetic. US stoner/doom band DayGlo Mourning are set to release their second full-length Dead Star via Black Doomba Records on 10th February. It follows their debut self-titled full-length from 2018 and their split 12" of the same year, with label mates Bludy Gyres. 

It snowed again today so I’ve got the heating on a bit higher, though nothing beats the warming tones of doom/stoner as part of an evening relaxation routine! Opening with title track ‘Dead Star’, DayGlo Mourning launches into some great and groovy doom rock. They are the archetypal power-trio and it shows here, with a considered yet experimental sound filled with rumbling bass, powerful drums, thunderous melodic riffs (do those two descriptors even work together?!) and semi-clean vocals that hark back to the old days of the genre. A slow and steady start, but one that’s super enjoyable.

Again, the traditionalist will love ‘The Offering’ with it’s nod towards traditional heavy metal, albeit the slower kind. It’s quite a simple song in terms of structure and delivery but more often that not, simple is more effective and the quiet verse/loud instrumental layout makes it all the more nostalgic. The awesome guitar effects towards the end add a cosmic element to the music too, which is no surprise when you gaze at the cover art.

The fuller fuzzy sound of ‘Bloodghast’ takes hold fairly sharpish soon after and the bass tones can be heard loud and proud. There’s something tribal about the percussive rhythm here but it’s only really there during the verses. DayGlo Mourning step through different movements on this seven-minute slab, which is by no means a slow burn. This is going to sound like a very strange thing to say but this album becomes more engrossing when you’re not giving it your full attention. I say that because if you concentrate on it too closely, the riffs don’t have the same impact at all. The music as a whole envelopes you and grips you so tightly, you don’t want it to let go. 

The low-end heaviness of ‘Faithful Demise’ will bring a grin to the face of even the hardest of metal fans, purely by being exactly what it is, heavy. Again, DayGlo Mourning employs the whole quiet/loud dynamic, which works so well for their music. It’s not brash, instead being comforting and approachable, even for newcomers to the genre. That’s a good trait to have I think.

The awesomely title ‘Ashwhore’ is probably the strongest song on Dead Star in my opinion. There’s a real sense of confidence and drive to it right from the start. Also, alongside the clean vocals, harsher vocals join the party and provide some added bite. Instrumentally, it’s super tight and when they dive into that free jazz/groove passage towards then end, it’s truly a dream of a listen. 

The trio ends it all with the sinister and slightly occult ‘Witch’s Ladder’. They threatened this sort of thing earlier on and it does go hand in hand with the chosen musical direction of DayGlo Mourning, but here it’s amplified and gladly received. I guess as a summary, the music would sit right next to the likes of Candlemass and The Devil’s Blood, as well as Kyuss too. Even though people will no doubt try to truly pigeonhole this album, it’s more varied than you think. My advice it to enjoy it for what it is, which is a damn good doom album. 

You can stream and check out the video for album opener 'Dead Star' via bandcamp below, where you can also pre-order the album on cd and digital formats:-

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