Sunday 31 January 2021

I Love Your Lifestyle - I Was A Loser In School 7"

Labels: Good Post Day Records/Through Love Records/Unlock Yourself Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Digital/Vinyl

Release Date: 06 Feb 2015


1. Prank

2. Zitch Dog

3. I Was A Loser In School

I promised another ZBR roster review before the end of the week and here it is! Staying with the pop/easier listening that seems to have taken over today, I'm covering this 7" from my favourite Swede's I Love Your Lifestyle. In fact, this 7" and the debut self-titled album are the only releases I don't own of their's yet. This three-track EP was released in early 2015 via the band digitally (with different cover art) and via Good Post Day Records, Through Love Records, Unlock Yourself Records and ZBR on vinyl. 

(cover art from ILYL's bandcamp page)

I’m sure some of you will already be familiar with ILYL by now. Their music is always upbeat, mixing punk with post-hardcore and indie too. The first song on this EP ‘Prank’ is filled with soaring vocal harmonies, ear-friendly guitar melody/percussion and a rawness that pokes through to add just a bit a bite. So good!

Sandwiched in between this EP’s longer songs is ‘Zitch Dog’, all sixty-seconds of it. It sounds like their usual hook-filled punk but sped-up five fold. They still manage to cram it with lovely music. The title track ‘I Was A Loser In School’ could well have been my soundtrack to secondary school, if it had been released 10 years earlier. I hated school in my teenage years but I can sit back and laugh about it now.

Feelings of angst and fighting back come through this song, but there’s also a feeling of togetherness thanks to the gang-like vocals later on. It all helps to shape something powerful and resonating. ILYL can do no wrong for me and revisiting their early releases has been a pleasure. Thanks to the band and to the labels involved for brining this music into the world.

You can stream and download it (name-your-price) below:-

Physical copies are still available from ZBR below (sold out everywhere else):-


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