Wednesday 13 January 2021

Sense Offender/They Live We Sleep - Split

Labels: Trepanation Recordings/F H E D Records

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 04 Dec 2020


1. Sense Offender - Flatline Connectors

2. Sense Offender - Cancer Eater

3. Sense Offender - Feeding Tubes

4. They Live We Sleep - Vacant Host

5. They Live We Sleep - Suffer Silent

6. They Live We Sleep - False Gods

Here's one I should have reviewed earlier! This split features sludgy, math-like hardcore band Sense Offender and ferocious metallic hardcore band They Live We Sleep (not to be confused with German post-hardcore/screamo band They Sleep We Live, RIP), both of whom are from the UK. It was released in early December by UK label Trepanation Recordings on cd and digitally and by F H E D Records on tape, with three songs coming from each band.

First up is Sense Offender with ‘Flatline Connectors’  and after a sludgy/post-metal intro, the quartet’s mathy hardcore takes hold for what becomes a crazed exhibition of violence and grinding intensity. I wasn’t sure how they could maintain a song of this length, but their creativity and musicianship makes it work. As people reading this may know, there’s been a real rise of mathcore/myspace-grind bands over the last two years or so and while it would be unfair to lump Sense Offender in with that lot, they certainly add their own flair to the sub-genre.

From here on in, Sense Offender get a lot faster and blast through ‘Cancer Eater’ in next to no time at all. Pure UK mathcore goodness with a heavy slant towards the chaotic hardcore of Cursed and Gaza, amongst others. Their final song ‘Feeding Tubes’ is no shrinking violet either and is an amalgamation of everything that makes heavy music so great. The atmosphere, the death/black metal touches, the metallic guitar, pummelling drums and caustic/ripping vocals. It’s all alive and truly kicking!

They Live We Sleep begin in more immediate fashion with their first song ‘Vacant Host’. Their’s is a more hardcore approach, albeit one inspired by bands like Cult Leader and Trap Them. Not too far removed then from Sense Offender, but without the mathiness. It doesn’t harm their sound though, which is certainly more metallic. ’ Suffer Silent’ is; however, off-kilter and utterly ridiculous in places, though They Live We Sleep do control themselves and throw in plenty of murky, dense sludge undertones that help them create a proper wall of noise. The more you listen to this split the more infectious in becomes.  

They end the split with ‘False Gods’, which lives up to the name thanks to countless amounts of rage and general disdain channelled through the music. There’s very subtle melody residing in the depths of this song, which give it a haunting atmosphere at times and as it all crumbles into sonic chaos during the final bars, you’re left reeling in it’s wake.

If you could capture your current frustration and mood in a musical form, it would surely sound something like this split. Both Sense Offender and They Live We Sleep are totally on form and demand return listens, if only for their sheer power. I’m sure more will be coming from both bands but until that time, this will keep you satisfied in even the darkest of ways.

You can stream, download and buy this split on cd via Trepanation Recordings below:-

It's also available on tape from F H E D Records here -

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They Live We Sleep -

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