Friday 23 October 2020

This Noise Is Ours 10th Anniversary Digital Compilation Is Live!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of This Noise Is Ours. I started in the blog in 2010 (back then it was called Stay Ahead). I really had no idea what I was doing but I was excited about heavy music and was just getting into record collecting. A few years down the line, I changed the name to This Noise Is Ours. 

I've always been bowled over by the support the blog's received and by the friends I've made, both in real live and online. This compilation gathers together music created by friends and bands that mean a lot to me. Some I've feature before, some I haven't. They all share the same passion for music as I do. I feel proud of the fact that I've kept this thing running as long as I have and I hope to continue to do so for years to come. Please download this comp, listen to it and share it. Thanks for your support. P.S. please support the bands included here.

Please find more info on the bands included, as well as links to their music, merch and social media pages:-

1. Amid The Old Wounds - Instant Stars (Demo)

Wonderful acoustic indie/emo from Germany.

2. Aubzagl - Voices Of The Aether

Blasting, heathen black metal from Yorkshire, UK.

3. Bob Malmström - Jag älskar att supa (feat. Anni Lötjönen)

Mad fun hardcore-punk from Finland.

4. Bobby Singer - Demain

Really great one-man screamo/hardcore from France.

5. Canyons - Big Dealer

Crazed hardcore/noise-rock from the US of A.

6. Consumer - Solicitous

Crushing blackened sludge from Italy.

7. Dispyt - Svept i Vita Lakan

Rabid blackened crust from Finland.

8. Final Coil - Goodbye To All That

Thought provoking progressive rock from the UK.

9. Herida Profunda - Holy Books (161 festival in Warsaw, Poland)

Socially conscious grind from Poland.

10. Lang - Disturbed

Truly inspiring alternative/hardcore from Japan.

11. Nathan Aeli - As The Other Closed

Dreamy, pop-like post-rock from Sweden.

12. ØØØ - Nätter Utan Ljus

Fantastic screamo/emo from Sweden.

13. Phil Stiles - Entropy

Experimental and instrumental rock from the UK.

14. Precipices - Rêves incolores

Majestic post-black metal from Canada.

15. Riviera Kid- Sertraline

Positive hardcore duo from the UK.

16. Shirokuma - Present Day

Mouthwatering post-hardcore from Sweden.

17. Singular - W.Kemmler

Chaotic hardcore punk from Malaysia.

18. Sloth Hammer - One More For The Road

Hellish, improv doom noise from the UK.

19. Squelch Chamber - Lay Low

Piercing noise-punk from the USA.

20. The Mound Builders - Broken Pillars 1

Groovy midwestern sludge rock from the USA.

21. The Owl - Pára Aqui A Considerar...

Nocturnal solo noise from the UK.

22. To Languish - Disdain ft. Ren, Petrol girls

Captivating emoviolence from Sweden.

23. Vesicarum - The Sick And The Depraved

Neck-snapping death metal from the UK.


24. Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket - Hjärtats förlorade slag

Shout-from-the-rooftops Screamo from Sweden.

25. Wicked Sisters - D.O.G

Dark industrial doom from Australia.

26. Wishes On A Plane - Perfect (In long form)

Legendary indie/emo from Germany.

27. Young Mountain - Vacant Eyes

Menacing post-hardcore from Sweden.

Thanks go to Jesper for the cover art.

I hope you enjoy the comp and thanks again for the support over the years.

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