Sunday 25 October 2020

Bob Malmstrom/Dispyt - Split 7"

Labels: Elitbolaget

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 10 Jun 2020


1. Bob Malmstrom - Helsingfors Borgarmangel (feat. Jonas Ekroos)

2. Bob Malmstrom - Lat Pampen Sjunga

3. Dispyt - Min Sanna Van

4. Dispyt - Svept I Vita Lakan

I had a lot of fun putting my 10th anniversary compilation together. It made me realise that I've got to up my game though and so as I've also been asked to write some words about releases from many of the bands featured, there's no time like the present. I'm killing two birds with one stone here by featuring both Bob Malmstrom and Dispyt. Both bands are from Finland, one plays hardcore punk and the other plays crust/d-beat. They released a split 7" together in June via Finnish label Elitbolaget.

This split is one of three that Bob Malmstrom has released in 2020. They open it with the song ‘Helsingfors Borgarmangel’ (which, features additional vocals from Jonas Ekroos of Swedish hardcore band Tvarnitad). It’s filled with BM’s usual mad-cap hardcore-punk, with super-fast tempos from the percussion, equally ripping guitar-work and an exhilarating multi-vocal approach. BM’s second song ‘Lat Pampen Sjunga’ follows instantly afterwards in the same vein, but is more catchy and seems to encapsulate folk/rock elements especially in the melodies and backing-vocals at times. It’s a lot cleaner than their first song, but it’s no less entertaining.

Dispyt brings bass-heavy crust with their opening song ‘Min Sanna Van’. The extremity on show here is just what you’d expect and they even throw in some great sludge-like riffs that sit within the mix. It’s not slow like traditional sludge, but more like the kind you get from power-violence bands. It’s raging! Their second song ‘Svept I Vita Lakan’ is equally as noisy, this time with a snare/kick-laden groove and plenty of grinding attitude. The sound is very much DIY and that suits it too, as crust should never be ultra clean. Dispyt is allowed a bit more playing time on their side and they use it well.

Both Bob Malmstrom and Dispyt are great fun in different ways. Bob Malmstrom are the band you headbang to over the PA when you’ve had one-too-many post-gig beers. Dispyt are the band you watch intently at the gig, allowing their disparate crust to take hold. This split is over quickly but is worth your time.

You can stream Bob Malmstrom's split opener below:-

You can stream both tracks from Dispyt below:-

The best way to hear the whole thing is by picking up a 7" copy from Elitbolaget here:-

Bob Malmstrom -

Dispyt -

Elitbolaget -

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