Sunday 4 October 2020

Doom Sessions Vol.1: Conan/Deadsmoke

Labels: Heavy Psych Sounds

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 17 Jul 2020


1. Conan - Beheaded

2. Deadsmoke - Dethroned Concrete

3. Deadsmoke - Dead Minds Army

This is the first in a new series of split records curated by Heavy Psych Sounds. It features three songs from the heavier end of the sludge/doom spectrum, with one song by the UK's Conan and two from Italian band Deadsmoke. It comes on three different vinyl variants; orange with blue splatter, red and black, as well as a limited run of test presses exclusive to Heavy Psych Sounds and a digipack cd with fully printed artwork. The digital download version only contains the Deadsmoke songs. I've contacted Heavy Psych Sounds for a comment on why the Conan song is not included and will post the response below the review.

Conan originally recorded and released ‘Beheaded’ as part of their split release with Bongripper back in 2013, so chances are many of you are already familiar with it. It’s a ritualistic, heavy song with distant shouted vocals that sit deep within the recording. The volume produced by the trio is bone-rattling, mainly thanks to the epic bass tone that’s achieved here. I’m not going to bang on about this song for too much longer due to reasons already mentioned above; however, it’s essential listening for anybody who considers themselves a fan of slow, heavy music.

Deadsmoke are a new band (to me anyway) and they’re as slow and heavy as Conan, but they also weave subtle stoner/psych tones into their music on ‘Dethroned Concrete’. They are very subtle tones though and mix in really well with the grooviness that the band delivers here, especially as the majority of the song is instrumental. Deadsmoke’s second song on the split ‘Dead Minds Army’  follows on from ‘Dethroned Concrete’ with even more groove. It’s a cross between sludge and straight-up noise rock, with a much more urgent feel. I’m not complaining about that either.

As split releases go, this is well worth the price. Three top notch sludge/doom songs spread over 30+ minutes from two bands who bring their A-game. This little split series just got interesting! Keep your eyes peeled for more.

You can stream the two Deadsmoke songs via Heavy Psych Sounds below:-

You can also pick the split up on all physical formats via the above bandcamp page too.

With regards to the omission of Conan's song from the digital download, Heavy Psych Sounds had this to say:-

"Unfortunately we didn't get the license to have the digital"

It's a pity that they weren't granted a licence to provide the song digitally, but I hope this helps anybody who was holding back on ordering the split. Just because the label that originally released such material was awkward, it doesn't mean you should disregard this release.

Conan -

Deadsmoke -

Heavy Psych Sounds -

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