Wednesday 14 October 2020

Redwood Hill/Hexis - Split 7" Picture Disc

Labels: Bookhouse Records/Boue Records/Enjoyment Records/Invektiv Records/KPHC/Maniyax Records/Mind Control Records/Shove Records

Formats: 7" Picture Disc/Digital

Release Date: 11 Nov 2013


1. Redwood Hill - Applewhite

2. Hexis - Tenebris

Many moons ago I wrote a list of physical releases I owned, by labels I'd featured here with the idea of interspersing my regular reviews with write-ups about them. The list was mainly made up of 7" releases. I've decided to finally dust off that list out of nostalgia and I'm starting with the record that was the first picture disc in my personal collection. I purchased it from UK label Enjoyment Records (RIP) and it features a song each from post-metal band Redwood Hill and black metal/hardcore band Hexis, both from Denmark. 500 copies were pressed in total.

Redwood Hill’s post-metal is a heavy cross between Cult Of Luna and Enslaved (maybe). That comparison is possible a bit off now, but it sounds like that was what they were going for when they wrote and recorded ‘Applewhite’ for this split. It’s sludgy and slow, but with a black metal backbone all of it’s own. It may be nearly seven years since it was released but it still sounds as punishing as ever. Progressive in places but also just evil sounding.

Hexis on the other hand are (and were in this case) always straight to the point. Their black metal on ‘Tenebris’ is accompanied by grinding tempos more than it is hardcore. This split definitely captures a place in time and when I was discovering a lot of heavy bands for the first time, Hexis was one of my favourites and still are. I’ve always been enamoured by their intensity and musical craft.

This release will always have a special place in my collection. Both Redwood Hill and Hexis give me so much joy and energy, and while 2020 continues to serve up shit, at least there’s that to hold on to. If you can find a copy in the wild somewhere, you should grab one!

You can stream Redwood Hill's song 'Applewhite' via their bandcamp page below:-

You can stream the full split via the Enjoyment Records Bandcamp page here:-

Physical copies are completely sold out from the labels above (and most of them are no longer in existence). The releasing labels that are still alive are listed below.

Redwood Hill -

Hexis -

Boue Records -


Maniyax Records -

Shove Records -

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