Monday 13 July 2020

Universal Disorder - Act II - Existential Glimpses Of Chaos In A Cosmic Womb EP

Labels: Burning Skull Records/Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl (Burning Skull Records)/Tape & Digital (Self-Released)

Release Date - 08 May 2020


1. In The Great Circle Of Time

2. As The Eternal Secrets Of The Cosmos Unfold

I did my usual trick of sitting down to write a review last night, only to get writer's block before I even started this intro paragraph. I was going to say that Universal Disorder's logo reminded me of that old social media page that asked people to guess the most unreadable logo of the week. That's not a criticism though, because the cover art for this Swedish/Finnish black metal duo's second EP is pretty stunning. 

Act II - Existential Glimpses Of Chaos In A Cosmic Womb was self-released in May on digital and tape formats via Universal Disorder before being released as a split vinyl release via Burning Skull Records with fellow Swedish black metal band Svarteld. The band's debut EP Act I: A Pilgrimage In The Chaotic Streams Of Creation And Uncreation was self-released in 2019 on tape and digitally.

Musically this is a very atmospheric release. ‘In The Great Circle Of Time’ begins with guitar melodies that really set the mood before Universal Disorder’s full approach kicks in with blasting percussion and vocals that range from wolf-like cries, to icy growls and singing that would be at home on any Akercocke album. At times it’s fast and at others it’s mid-paced, with subtle symphonic elements showing through. It sounds more than just Scandinavian too, like the band has picked up greater influences along the way.

‘As The Eternal Secrets Of The Cosmos Unfold’ begins, you get the feeling that this EP is oddly accessible, in black metal terms anyway. That’s no bad thing at all, when you consider how hard it is for bands in the genre to achieve that. Even at over nine minutes in length, there’s something special about this song that keeps you frozen to the spot while it winds it’s way through both harsh and softer passages. 

There are no synths/electronic effects employed to take the place of real instruments and it’s creative, and at times avant-garde without being obtuse. Universal Disorder have produced an EP that will appeal to more than just black metal fans in my opinion, but don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourselves. 

You can stream Act II and buys it on all formats from Universal Disorder below:-

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