Monday 27 July 2020

Arcana 13 - Black Death 7"

Labels: Aural Music

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 17 Jan 2020


1. Black Death

2. Wrathchild

Fitting in a quick review this evening. Tow lengthier ones will be up tomorrow and Wednesday all being well. I hope everybody's doing well! Despite the increasingly sunny backdrop out of my lounge window, it's about to get a lot gloomier inside thanks to this 7" release from Italian horror-inspired doom metal outfit Arcana 13. It was released back in January via Aural Music (who have worked with the likes of Amesoeurs, Manes and Negura Bunget, to name but a few). Arcana 13 released their debut album Danza Macabra over four years ago, also via Aural Music along with Metal Defiance Productions.

Arcana 13’s love of horror movie scores and the occult shines through on opening title-track ‘Black Death’, which is an expertly played dose of doom with traditional heavy metal leanings. It’s remarkably clean in sound and the melodic vocals nod towards the operatic history of Italian classical music without taking over or becoming cheesy. The percussion is delivered in a simple yet professional way, while the guitars and the mellotron bring a mix of both dread and comfort respectively.

Following on from ‘Black Death’, ‘Wrathchild’ walks the line created by 70s prog rock and psych, which adds an extra element to the band’s sound and give you plenty to enjoy. It shows that there’s more to Arcana 13 than just nightmarish horror-worship. Italian bands have always been unique to me and while often being more theatrical, they’ve always thrived with creativity. Here’s hoping that this quartet comes back with more new music soon. This little EP is stonking!

Stream and purchase vinyl/digital copies below:-

Arcana 13 -

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