Friday 31 July 2020

Nous Etions - La Manière Noire

Labels: Ancient Injury Records/Desordre Ordonne/Don't Live Like Me Records/Through Love Records/Zegema Beach Records/Beaver Club Records/Blind Eye Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 14 Apr 2014


1. Ste-Lucie

2. Leviathan

3. Les Algorithmes Du Malheur

4. Juste

5. Le Journal De Ricardo Lopez

6. Les Vertiges Du Perche

7. Bleu Et Violet

I'm making up for a less-than-productive day by trying to be more so this evening. Here's a new Zegema Beach Records roster review, where I talk about music the label has release from earliest to latest. This review features the last recording by French-Canadian post-hardcore/screamo band Nous Etions, which was originally self-release in early 2014 before being picked up by a whole host of labels for vinyl and tape pressings later in the year. The band no longer exists in an active form, but there music lives on.

Nous Etions were based in Montreal, Quebec and their instrumental build-up on opening song ‘Ste-Lucie’ definitely contains more than a hint of the French sound. I’ve said before that most countries have a unique take on the genre and I think that’s where it comes from here (France). The tempo is on the slower side, as opposed to being too close to emoviolence. The vocals are harsh but their delivery is restrained, while the guitars provide melody that soothes in a strange way.

‘Leviathan’ is loverly and rhythmic, which negates the off-kilter edge to the song. There’s definitely something darker about it that brings the post-hardcore to the front. Words aren’t coming so easily to me tonight as I’m tired, but that’s all the more reason to just sit back and take this release in. 

The sound of Nous Etions definitely leans more heavily towards hardcore and that’s not a bad thing at all. ‘Les Algorithmes Du Malheur’ is a glorious take on the angrier and more caustic end of post-hardcore and is brilliant. The percussive vibrancy, the low-end heft and the melody of the guitars more than match up to the multi-vocal delivery here, especially during the song’s closing bars.

‘Juste’ signals the half-way point of the album with another menacing tome that’s buzzing with great musicianship and an urgency not felt so far. The band tells a story on ‘Le Journal De Ricardo Lopez’ and as my French is poor at best, I’m not going to try and translate the lyrics for you. The drama of the song as a whole should be enough to draw you in. 

The ferocity is tempered back ever-so slightly on penultimate song ‘Les Vertiges Du Perche’ but only just. Again, it’s a shorter song that brings out the up-tempo song-writing of Nous Etions. It does contain some great bouncy punk rhythms though! Closing song ‘Bleu Et Violet’ goes by too quickly, especially on this balmy summer evening. Even though Nous Etions no longer exists, this is a fine full-length to get lost in. 

Bands and genre fads come and go, but thankfully there’s plenty of reason to still enjoy music created  by those short-lived. Nous Etions still deserve open ears. 

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  1. This band is actually French-Canadian and have 3 songs on the split/comp 2x12" 'Eight Feet Under'. Here's me talking about it.