Wednesday 15 July 2020

Bible Basher - Loud Wailing

Labels: Sludgelord Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 26 Jun 2020


1. So Samson Sang

2. Plagued

3. Burning And Blackened

4. Sodom & Gomorrah

I like heavy music and I really dislike religion, which probably doesn't come as a big surprise. Sheffield's Bible Basher is not a religious band but it's members do put bible verses alongside a mixture of doom and death metal. Loud Wailing is the band's very first release, seeing the light of day digitally and on tape via fellow Sheffield blog turned sludge/doom/metal label extraordinaire Sludgelord Records. 

You can’t get more stark than the closing line of the spoken-word sample delivered by an American preacher that states “Hell Is Real”. Of course, neither heaven nor hell are real and all we have is now. EP opener ‘So Samson Sang’ is heavy, slow and it’s death metal tones are very much real, especially in the vocals. The mix of shrieked growls and super deep bellows make for uncomfortable listening when pitched against the groove of the instrumentation.

‘Plagued’ is uptempo and it’s bass-heavy sound rumbles on like an earth-shattering disaster before the full band breaks loose and provides a hymn for the end times. This is definitely where the slamming death comes into play and it’s glorious because of it. 

The sludge is king on ‘Burning And Blackened’. The percussive power here is joined by some great feedback-laden riffs of the low variety, as well as a proper feeling of dread and claustrophobia. If they played this to a truly evangelical congregation, there’d be more than just people speaking in tongues. Like when Moses parted the sea, the ground would open up and this time it would swallow the lot of em.

One of the things that devout Christians fear the most is ‘Sodom & Gomorrah” , It’s sinful and disgusting, and while they believe that other people partake in the acts regularly, they are just as bad. Ending with a song of the same name, Loud Wailing is delightfully uncompromising. It’s hands down the heaviest song on the EP.

If you fear god then you’ve not felt real fear. Don’t put your trust in a false deity that’s only here to gain from the vulnerable and the gullible. Be yourself, form your own thoughts and use this EP to help you do that. There is no god…long live the death of religion.

You can stream and purchase Lous Wailing on both formats below:-

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