Wednesday 15 April 2020

Pastel/Merridew - Split LP

Labels: Flood Records/Voice Of The Unheard Records/Monday Morning Records/La Fine Edizioni/Don't Live Like Me Records/Zegema Beach Records/Shivery.MMXII.Productions/Alcoves Records/Glass Of Spit/Upwind Productions/Go Away Records
Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 13 Mar 2014


1. Pastel - Momento Nove
2. Pastel - Laminal
3. Merridew - Snowflake In A Matchbox
4. Merridew - The World Is Humming Under Its Breath

I'm back with another one of my Zegema Beach Records roster reviews (this isn't all I write about now, so don't say anything!). I'm just trying to pick the pace up a bit with this series so I can try in vain to stay ahead of Dave's "Out Past The Rings" vids. This was another 2014 release that featured Italian emo band Pastel and UK instrumental ambient emo/hardcore band Merridew. It saw a vinyl release by many labels, whom I'll link to below and also a tape release via Go Away Records. It contained four songs and the vinyl pressing featured a lovely screen-printed b-side. 

Pastel is another in a long line of epic Italian emo bands. Not sure what that country has in it’s water, but it probably includes luscious red wine and Mediterranean romanticism. ‘Momento Nove” is gloriously melodic and the Italian lyrics are really stirring to say the least. It’s not a song that last’s long but it gets the heart racing. Pastel’s other contribution ‘Laminal’ is equally as mesmerising, with the audible group vox and occasionally harsh screams. It’s catchy and the percussion is beautifully hidden within the mix, though still obvious. It just makes you feel good. What more could you want.

I had no idea that Merridew was from the UK, guess I was living under a rock, ‘Snowflake In A Matchbox’ is math-like, instrumental emo that doesn’t need vocals to help it shine. Excellently played and recorded with a clear production, it’s dreamy. I know this review comes a mere six years after it’s release and for that I’m sorry, but I’m glad I’ve found it now.’ The World Humming Under Its Breath’ is much more off-kilter and that gives it more oomph but that’s only due to the tempo. It’s length as with that of ‘Snowflake In A Matchbox’ allows Merridew to express themselves with a lot more freedom and its great to hear.

If copies of this split still exist for sale in the wild, pick one up. Emo/Screamo can sometimes be fast and harsh but this split is the opposite. The genuine musicality and joyfulness that it contains should be enough. Right in the feels!

You can stream Pastel's side of this split and purchase the tracks from them here:-

Merridew's tracks can be streamed and purchased digitally via Glass Of Spit Recordings here:-

Physical copies (are still hopefully) available via the labels below:-

Flood Floorshows/Records -
Voice Of The Unheard Records -
Don't Live Like Me Records -
Glass Of Spit Records -

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