Sunday 12 April 2020

Fuck-Ushima/Fosforos - Split LP

Labels: Gate Of Deliria/Ramekuukkeli-Levyt
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 05 Jan 2020


1. Fuck-Ushima - We Are Doomed
2. Fuck-Ushima - Hervanta Acid Onslaught
3. Fuck-Ushima - Jazz Violence
4. Fuck-Ushima - Give Unto Suffering -
5. Fuck-Ushima - Merridew
6. Fosforos - Still Life
7. Fosforos - Welcome The Beast
8. Fosforos - Into The Horror
9. Fosforos - Let Go

At the same time as receiving the Frogskin/Taser LP that was released last October, Ramekuukkeli-Levyt was also kind enough to send me the 2020 split LP featuring Finnish PV band Fuck-Ushima and death/crust countrymen Fosforos. It's the first time I've come across either band, but you can pretty much put any Finnish heavy music in front of me and the chances are I'll dig it. This is the first vinyl release to feature Fuck-Ushima, as they've previously only released tapes after forming in 2012.  Fosforos formed a few years later in 2015 and prior to this they released a tape and a 7" EP. 

First up is Fuck-Ushima with five quick-fire ragers. ‘We Are Doomed’ is the most aptly titled song to kick things off with as it perfectly harnesses the helplessness and frustration that we’re all feeling right now. The music is crazy, feedback-laden PV/Sludge with growled dual-vocals. It’s all gloriously off-kilter and at times it could be considered anti-music but there’s lots to like about Fuck-Ushima’s racket. ‘Hervanta Acid Onslaught’ is a fast/slow beast that seems to run for longer than it’s actual playing time, as they put so much into it.

I was hoping that ‘Jazz Violence’ would be some really off the wall free-grind but alas it isn’t. It’s still great though and like the rest of the band’s music, it’s full of sludge that makes you feel anxious and occasionally nauseous, especially when the screaming guitar hits the front. You can tell it’s good when feedback is all that’s heard between songs, save for the very brief pauses. ‘Give Unto Suffering’ starts slow but then get’s fast, which is at odds with the rest of Fuck-Ushima’s songs so far. One thing’s for sure, this is intense especially this early in the day. Final song ‘Merridew’ is probably the grooviest, taking their sludge influence to further heights. The riffs are giant as is the overall atmosphere of it all. As first impressions go, these five tracks have left me floored. They’re not an easy listen by any means but that’s the fun of it. Nice one Fuck-Ushima!

Fosforos calls their side of this split The Horror Cycle, which is ominous. Their sound is more crusty and death metal influenced, genres with which Finland has a long and rich history. ’Still Life’ has the now recognisable crust-reverb applied to the deep growls, while the music is pretty melodic. ’Welcome The Beast” is more on the raw side, which is fine because crust was never supposed to over-produced and clean. There’s a lot of snotty punk attitude going on too, which adds to the energy of it. Fosforos slow’s everything down on the lumbering ‘Into The Horror’, which is more deathly and sludgy. It’s delivered in such a tortured way that it’s hard to feel energised when it’s playing, such is the crushing sense of dread that’s portrayed. 

Closing with ‘Let Go’, Fosforos demonstrates how they’re able to create varied songs with ease. It sounds almost funky at the beginning and it’s only the harsh vocals that remind you of what you’re listening to. It may sound like the vocalist is throwing up towards the end, but they’re not. It’s just annunciation and it fits perfectly. Again, first impressions are really good. Fosforos don’t seem to have a specific remit when it comes to their filthy noise, instead they just keep throwing different things into the mix. Great stuff for an unholy Sunday morning!

You can stream and purchase he Fuck-Ushima side of this split digitally below:-

The Fosforos side can be found here:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

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